Holiday Activities - Valentine's Day

The Big Switch
Breaking with tradition, and in an effort to remedy that "February Feeling," Valentine's Day became Sadie Hawkins Day last year at The First Academy in Orlando, FL. The girls invited the boys to the school's football field for a picnic and brought the lunches to share on tablecloths on the field. The students enjoyed conversation and music while they ate. The spring sports athletes were introduced as a way to kick of the season, then the students enjoyed games such as sack races, egg toss, etc. That night, a Sweetheart King and Queen were crowned.

Mugs of Love
Students at Carter MS, in Clio MI, are always on the lookout for mugs-any kind of mugs-to fill with a special kind of love for those in need. At the beginning of the school year, the district asks parents and staff to donate mugs-new mugs, used mugs, advertisement mugs. At the same time, students, staff, and parents bring in donated sample size/travel size toiletries such as shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste, and toothbrushes, along with treats such as gum, mints, and tea bags.

In January, the mugs are set out on tables in the main hallway at Carter MS and students and staff fill the mugs with the items. Each mug is topped off with a pair of socks or mittens and delivered to the local mission right before Valentines' Day. On Valentine's Day, any homeless or needy person who visits the mission for a meal and/or shelter is given a "mug of love."

Last year, more than 100 mugs were delivered.

Valentine Drive
In an effort to reach out to their community, the student council at Dakota (IL) Jr./Sr. HS sponsored a Valentine Drive that involved students at the high school, junior high, and elementary schools. Council members sent a letter to all teachers in the district asking if their students could create Valentines to send to people in nursing homes and hospitals. Student council provided each teacher with 10 sheets of red and pink construction paper and told them more was available upon request. "All classes participated and seemed to enjoy the project," said Stephanie Fox, student council member. "We received more than 300 Valentines to distribute."

King of Hearts
The student council at Tremont (IL) HS sponsors a competition in which senior boys vie for the title of King of Hearts. The contestants perform in talent, sportswear, and formal wear competitions, strutting their stuff down a runway lined with twinkle lights. Contestants are evaluated by a panel of judges, which usually includes a local celebrity such as a disc jockey or television reporter. The organizing committee works with local businesses to obtain prizes and the use of tuxedos in exchange for publicity. They hold the event in the evening and charge admission.

Carnation Drive
During the first week of February, student council members at The Cathedral School in Ward, AR, take orders for carnations to be delivered on Valentine's Day. Purchasers fill out a slip with a message to the recipient, then student council members deliver the flowers to classrooms.

Kiss for Make-A-Wish

Boys and girls at Pahrump Valley (NV) HS pay $1 to kiss a card in a unique fundraiser organized by the student council. The cards are put on display and students pay 25 cents to vote on the best kiss. The boy and girl who get the most votes are crowned Mr. and Ms. Irresistible at the Valentine's dance. All proceeds go to the Make-A-Wish foundation.

Have a Heart

During the week before Valentine's Day, student council members at Memphis (TN) Central HS sell red paper hearts for $1. Students choose what name they want written on the heart. On Valentine's Day they are passed out to the students and they wear them all day. At the end of the day a name is called and whoever has that heart wins a prize. All proceeds go to the Memphis Interfaith Association.

Singing Valentines

The student council at Surrey (N. Dak.) HS offers a valentine service to students. Valentines are sold in three categories: a simple message, a message with candy, and singing valentines. Sales take place for the two weeks before Valentine's Day. For the singing version the sender selects from a predetermined list of songs, then writes an individual message on the card. On Valentine's Day student council members carry a CD or tape player with them and play the selected song while singing, then hand the recipient the valentine and candy.


The Swing Choir at Mukwonago (Wis.) HS has found a lyrical way to raise money. Members sell musical messages for Valentine's Day from a pre-selected list of songs for $1.50. During first period on Valentine's Day, choir members sing the song to the recipient in front of his/her class.


Future Educators of America members at Highland HS in Higley, Ariz., sponsored a creative fundraising effort with a Sing-o-gram project. FEA club members worked in shifts, sitting outside the cafeteria, selling sing-o-grams for one dollar. Purchasers could designate recipients and suggest lyrics. FEA club members then sang a message from the purchaser to the recipient, who was often a complete stranger.

The Dating Game

The National Honor Society at Seminole HS in Sanford, FL, organizes a Dating Game based on the concept of the television show, with three bachelors and three bachelorettes asking unseen contestants a series of questions. The questions are written by the NHS officers, who also choose the contestants. The show is unrehearsed, which adds to the comic value. After the bachelors/bachelorettes ask their questions, the audience votes by applause to indicate who should be selected from the unseen contestants to form the new couple. After the six couples have been decided, the audience also votes for which couple should be named best couple, most likely to break up, most likely to stay together, and cutest couple. Musical entertainment is provided while the votes are counted and certificates are presented at the end of the show. Audience members pay $3 per ticket to attend this annual event, which allows for a fun and easy fundraiser as it draws big crowds each year.

White Ribbon Week

Believing that it is important for teenagers to educate themselves about issues facing teens today, the student council at Rockdale County HS in Conyers, Ga., sponsors White Ribbon Week during the week of Valentine's Day. Modeled after Red Ribbon Week, which teaches students about the dangers of illegal drugs, alcohol, and tobacco, the purpose of White Ribbon Week is to teach teens about the physical, social, and emotional dangers of early sexual involvement. A special topic is emphasized on each day during the week: teen pregnancy, sexually transmitted, diseases, date rape, the advantages of abstinence, and healthy relationships. Classes are invited to hear speakers on the topics who include doctors, health department officials, adolescent counselors and psychologists, AIDS Atlanta speakers, and members of the staff at the Center for Disease Control.

"We believe we can help our friends and classmates take charge of their own lives by arming them with information that they need to avoid giving in to negative peer pressure," said Kristen Meador, school pride chairperson. Holiday Valentine's

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