Character Building Activities

NHS and NJHS chapters around the country participate in character building activities on an annual basis. This section of our site is designed to list some of those activities that have been tested at the local or state level. In addition, we provide the following links to resources found elsewhere in the Character Education community, each of which contains a variety of ideas for both high school and middle level programs.

Character Counts!
CHARACTER COUNTS! is the most widely implemented approach to character education. It is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, nonsectarian framework that teaches the Six Pillars of Character: trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and citizenship. The CHARACTER COUNTS! Coalition embraces thousands of schools, communities and nonprofits. The national office provides consulting and training services and produces support materials and special projects. This website is filled with ideas and resources for both high school and middle level schools. [9.05]

Character Education Partnership
The Character Education Partnership (CEP) is a nonpartisan coalition of organizations and individuals dedicated to developing moral character and civic virtue in our nation's youth as one means of creating a more compassionate and responsible society. [9.05]

Character Development Foundation The purpose of this organization is to promote ethical integrity in young people and adults, for the betterment of individuals and community. [9.05]

Center for the 4th and 5th Rs
Directed by Dr. Thomas Lickona, author of Educating for Character. THE CENTER FOR THE 4TH AND 5TH RS serves as a regional, state, and national resource in character education. A national movement, character education is essential to the task of building a moral society and developing schools that are civil and caring communities. [9.05]

Ethics Resource Center
Fostering ethical practices in individuals and institutions. [9.05]

Good Character
This website is provided as a service to educators by Live Wire Mediaâ„¢ Resources for Character Education, Guidance, Lifeskills. [9.05]

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