Green Projects

Here are several dynamic projects with a “Go Green!” theme. Chapters with “green” project ideas are encouraged to share them by using the Idea Submission Form.

Members of the Marian Chapter of NHS at Carondelet HS in Concord, CA

--Recycling for a Reason
The Marian Chapter of NHS at Carondelet High School in Concord, CA, sponsored a successful school-wide recycling program called "Recycle for a Reason." The students promoted awareness of the environment, while motivating their fellow students to recycle food containers.

The program was fully run by students, and worked to promote leadership, responsibility and environmental awareness. To raise awareness of the program, the chapter created and implemented a branding campaign that included a logo, posters, t-shirts, and cleverly-written verbal announcements.

The program had a measurable impact on the school. Officials at Carondelet report that students are now recycling 20% of their plastic containers. The chapter's goal is to increase this number to 80%!

--Recycled Clothing, American Embassy School of Lusaka, Zambia
The NHS chapter in Lusaka collected clothing donations from local Peace Corps volunteers who were leaving the country, and then sold the items to school support staff for 25 cents a piece. The support staff lives on approximately $100 a month in wages, so these inexpensive clothing items were a blessing. The money raised was used to improve the junior/senior lounge at the school. Everyone was a winner!

--Recycled Eyeglasses. Rock Springs High School, Rock Springs, WY
The NHS chapter placed boxes at different locations in the community and encouraged people to donate their old eyeglasses to be used for those less fortunate. This has been a chapter project for years. The chapter also sponsored a spaghetti dinner fundraiser for the local community to raise money for Cowboys Against Cancer.

--Recycling Center Volunteers, Taipei American School, Taipei
NHS members contribute time throughout the years to help the Guan-Du Recycling Center of the Tzu-Chi Buddhist Organization. Most of the time was spent processing recycled plastic bottles. Members also processed wires from old machines. This local organization relies upon volunteers to cover its manpower needs, and the NHS chapter support helps foster the growth of recycling in the community. The chapter also spent time each day over their spring break helping at the local Salvation Army soup kitchen. Meals were prepared, cooked and served, and supplies and donated items were sorted. Chapter members walked with staff to learn about the homeless in the community and helped prepare videos about the homeless to help teach others about their conditions.

--Phone Book Recycling, South Central High School, Winterville, NC
The chapter recycled more than 7,000 phone books in the fall. Each chapter member was given the task of collecting a minimum number. The chapter also collected more than 450 books for a new library center in an after school program in a traditionally impoverished neighborhood. Finally, around Christmas, the chapter donated more than 100 fully stocked Christmas stockings to the county schools’ social workers to distribute to students in need.

--Gardening with Seniors, Germantown School, Germantown, NY
Members of the chapter volunteered on a day off from school to work on garden projects at a local nursing home. Members worked outdoors weeding and cleaning up flowerbeds at the home and worked with residents to plant seeds and replant flower pots. Much interaction between the senior citizens and the chapter members took place, and the gardens looked great at the end.

--South High (WI) tapped into the winter holiday decorating season with a ‘green’ project to sell LED holiday lights along with household compact fluorescent light bulbs in a fundraising activity last November. The chapter’s public relations about the project explained the environmental benefits to using these ‘green’ resources. Funds raised helped support service to the community and scholarships for students from the school.

--Bridgman HS (MI) chapter members noticed that even with a 10 cent deposit on all pop bottles and cans, that the school was throwing out a tremendous amount of juice and water bottles. While there are only about 350 students in the school, the chapter is collecting more than 100 bottles for recycling each day. Small steps that can make a big difference!

--Blanco (TX) Middle School’s NJHS teamed up with “Keep Blanco Beautiful” to promote recycling in their community. They publicized requests for computer printer recycling and old cell phones to do their part for the planet and to raise money for the chapter – a green/green project.

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