2015-16 Winners

2015–16 Winners

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District of Columbia | International

Maddie Dykes

Glenwood School, Smiths Maddie maintains a 4.44 Honors GPA while also being a student athlete and active in her community, which requires great discipline.

Thailana Salary

Moorer Middle School, Eufaula

Noah Sullivan

Mitkof Middle School, Petersburg As a member of the MacTech Group, Noah works with high school students and the district tech team to update and work on Apple laptops. He provides support for the school's network by running wires, installing routers, upgrading software, testing technologies, and replacing batteries. This often occurs during after school hours and the weekend.

Ammy Gamez

Imagine Prep Surprise, Surprise Ammy has worked diligently in order to qualify for the Scholars program at Imagine Prep. Her perseverance and determination were exemplary and she has continued to maintain great results.

Armando Carrera

Imagine Charter Middle School At Cortez Park, Phoenix Armando is trouble-free and very respectful of himself and others. Although it hasn't always been this way, Armando has taken NJHS very seriously and has used it as a stepping stone to better himself.

Ashkane Stolla

Imagine Charter Middle School At Cortez Park, Phoenix Ashkane is constantly trying to find ways to be involved and if she doesn't find any, she makes up her own ways. Recently Ashkane designed, developed, planned, and executed a lock-in for the eighth graders at our school. This planning included fundraising and execution.

Berkeley Lock

Pardes Jewish Day School, Scottsdale

Catherine Broski

Western Sky Middle School, Goodyear Catherine works with her Math Challenge and Odyssey of the Mind teams to solve critical thinking problems. She works with those "outside of the box thinkers" and brings rationale to their ideas. She is able to take the ideas of others and put them into action.

Cesar Vazquez

Estrella Middle School, Phoenix Cesar is undeniably the best flautist in the Cartwright School District. He helps fellow students learn how to better play their flutes at least twice a week for about 40 minutes. He also frequents our homework club, always willing to help students with their schoolwork.

Destiny Gonzalez

Imagine Charter Middle School At Cortez Park, Phoenix Destiny is constantly volunteering with different organizations and has a record of almost 300 volunteer hours. She is always willing to help.

Elliana Chandler

Hearn Academy - A Ball Charter School, Phoenix She is described as respectful, hardworking, modest, well kept, and humble. Elliana is a quiet leader by example.

Ethan Cohen

Pardes Jewish Day School, Scottsdale At a very young age, he wanted to be in the Hebrew classes with the native speakers, our highest level of Hebrew and now is fluent in the language. He is in the highest level of math in our school, and is currently our CSO, chief science officer, for the Arizona Sci-Tech festival.

Ethan Rosenfeld

Pardes Jewish Day School, Phoenix This year, Ethan chose to enter the Arizona Science Fair on his own. He is working with his science teacher. Ethan loves the field of science and math and is superior in both.

Hannah Moton

Estrella Middle School, Phoenix Hannah never stops learning. She is beyond many of her peers in understanding how important education is. She engages in all opportunities she is given to benefit her intellectual well being. She sets goals and thinks about how her actions today will shape her future.

Kesi Barnes

Imagine Prep School - Surprise, Surprise Kesi knows what she wants, who she is, what she will stand for, and what she won’t. Having this sense of self Kesi chooses new opportunities, which are challenging yet feasible. She recognizes the usefulness of understanding her strengths and weaknesses alike.

Lexia Sanchez

Imagine Charter Middle School At Cortez Park, Phoenix Lexia consistently participates in cleanups on campus and in the community. She is always in attendance and is the first one to rally everyone together to get started.

Samantha Ferraro

Explorer Middle School Samantha is always full of energy with a smile on her face. She is dependable and cares about others. She has personality plus!!

Samantha Pirvulescu

Imagine Charter Middle School At Cortez Park, Phoenix Samantha is actively involved with the adopt-a-street program where she cleans up the litter on the streets surrounding the school. Samantha also participates in the graffiti busters program that paints over graffiti in the surrounding neighborhoods.

Yulianna Uriarte

Estrella Middle School, Phoenix Yulianna is a talented violist. She spends many mornings helping her section with scales and technique. Furthermore, she also spends time at our homework club helping students with schoolwork. Her teachers also celebrate her ability to help students during small group instruction.

Allana Sisco

Pocahontas Junior High School, Pocahontas Allana's many commitments speak to her extreme self-discipline. Not only is she a student athlete, but she is also one of the top students in her class.

Lilly Courtney

Pocahontas Junior High School, Pocahontas Lilly spends more than nine hours a week practicing basketball. She is an active member of the FFA leadership team. Lilly participates in our "LINK" anti-drug organization and teaches younger students about the dangers of drug use.

Matthew Waymon

Pocahontas Junior High School, Pocahontas Matthew is getting involved in our Randolph County Coalition to help educate our community leaders on the danger of underage drinking and illegal drug use in our county.

Taylor Kingery

Pocahontas Junior High School, Pocahontas Taylor is the example of a multi-talented young man. He is a true leader in his school, his church, and his family. Music is his passion.

Ashleen Dhaliwal

Rancho Milpitas Junior High, Milpitas Ashleen worked with a group of students to put together care packages for the local children's hospital. She initially did it because she had to do some sort of project, but she extended the project above and beyond that of her peers and wrote a beautiful, reflective paper on the importance of service and the need for those who are more fortunate to help out the needy of our community.

Avery Tanaka

St. Mary Magdalen School, Camarillo Avery has a gift of written expression. She is able to express the thoughts and interpretations she has through her classwork, essays, and exams. Her gifts especially shine through her creative writing in which she is able to craft stories that exhibit mastery of narrative strategies, but are also filled with emotion, drama, and deep thoughts and thematic elements.

Brian Legal

Martin Luther King Jr. Middle, Oceanside Brian has been ahead in math all through middle school. He is currently taking high school math. He has been in advanced band all through middle school. He has maintained a 4.0 GPA.

Carly Petersen

Martin Luther King Jr. Middle, Oceanside Carly has voluntarily attended four CADA (California Association of Directors of Activities) conferences in the past two years from which she learned valuable peer leadership skills that she implements on a daily basis.

Christian Sala

Stoneybrooke Christian School, San Juan Capistrano Christian began his volunteer work at the Silverado Memory Care Facility in the summer of 2012. He had a desire to serve the elderly after his great grandmother passed away. He visited her often at her elderly care facility, playing Bingo with the residents and serving meals in their dining room.

Ethan Fay

California Virtual Academy At San Diego, Simi Valley Ethan is a member of STORM (Special Team Of Role Models), a by-invitation-only group where he has been taught what being a role model means and how to teach others.

Jacob Tobin

California Virtual Academy At Los Angeles, Simi Valley

Joshua Stepter

California Virtual Academy At Los Angeles, Simi Valley As an officer with the Valencia Christian Center Children's Ministry, he holds the highest position possible and was chosen by a ministry board and peers. He is responsible for setting up and tearing down equipment, leading games, supervising, checking in and out, greeting, and helping with weekly lessons.

Kassandra Gutierrez

Arrowview Middle School, San Bernardino Kassandra is an exceptional student that goes out of her way to help others. Her leadership abilities make her a go-to person for younger members that need tutoring help.

Licet Torres

Arrowview Middle School, San Bernardino Licet is very disciplined. She is organized and meets all deadlines. This is also evident in her participation in band at our school. She is always practicing to continuously get better. It takes discipline to do that.

Linda Ly

Arrowview Middle School, San Bernardino Linda went from having As and Bs last semester to having straight As this semester. She set a goal to improve her grades in all her classes. She worked extra hard to achieve this goal. She struggles in some subjects, but took the time to get tutoring and still maintain her other activities outside of school.

Lisa Ly

Arrowview Middle School, San Bernardino Lisa participates in many academic competitions. These competitions require hours and hours of disciplined study. She participates in these because she loves to learn. She has participated in the school spelling bee, Black History Bee, Latin History Bee, AVID Night, Student Leadership Council, and AVID Tutoring.

Luis Cortes

Arrowview Middle School, San Bernardino He is already planning career pathway classes at the high school and discovering what colleges have the best programs for him. He enjoys visiting colleges and participates in clubs like Gear Up; College and Career; and S.A.E.L., a medical pathway after-school program.

Maggie Or

Rancho Milpitas Junior High, Milpitas Maggie has consistently participated in a variety of academic endeavors over the past several years, both during the academic year and over the summer breaks. This includes academic involvement, such as competing in the World City Cup for Mental Math, Abacus, and Math Arithmetic competition, which benefited her own academic learning. She tutored others in both math and English for the past four years, which benefits other students' learning.

McKinzie Smith

Martin Luther King Jr. Middle, Oceanside McKinzie has a hungry mind. She sinks her teeth into anything that she can learn. She independently researches on her own until she completely understands something.

Michael Avila

California Virtual Academy At Los Angeles, Simi Valley Michael is a leader in class in terms of moral character and respect for others. For example, he is the largest student in the class, but he brings the smallest students and the students with challenges into his weekly football game to teach them the techniques and rules. He is patient and gives them a sense of community by bringing them into his game.

Nyla Glover

Arrowview Middle School, San Bernardino Nyla seeks out opportunities to continuously grow. Last year she participated in S.A.E.L., a program run by our counselors and the local high school, to educate and inspire future thinkers in the medical fields.

Rebekah Hundric

California Connections Academy, San Juan Capistrano Rebekah leads the charge in animal rescue in her community. The local veterinarian has even used her exclusively for special needs litter rescues and placement of kittens in safe adopted homes.

Trinity Flores

Arrowview Middle School, San Bernardino Trinity was very involved in our community service projects, which was a food drive. She helped with the collection of boxes and delivered to classroom. She also helped collect all the food donations.

Valerie Lam

Rancho Milpitas Junior High, Milpitas Her writing is beautiful and almost prose-like in ways. She is articulate and thoughtful in her analysis and reflections. She has a strong command of academic language and English grammar. This is especially impressive, considering she was classified as an English learner at the beginning of her academic career.

Vanessa Cho

Rancho Milpitas Junior High, Milpitas Vanessa consistently challenges herself academically by being involved in a variety of academic endeavors, including the School Book Club, Rancho Middle School Spelling Bee, Sinnott Elementary School Spelling Bee, extracurricular writing classes, Chinese school, and Chinese Calligraphy classes.

Abigail Stoops

Trail Ridge Middle School, Longmont She recently completed a research project. To present her topic, multiple views, and a solution, she created a website with videos, links, a blog, and an open forum for people to ask questions.

Alison Tobin

Lesher Junior High School, Fort Collins

Amy Weisensee

Limon Junior-Senior High School, Limon Through our band program, Amy is a peer tutor within the percussion department. She takes her percussion group made up of sixth, seventh, and eighth graders into a separate practice area and leads them in a small group practice session.

Brooke Eshbach

Timberview Middle School, Colorado Springs Brooke goes above and beyond in her service to the community. Students at our school only needed to do a total of 40 service hours for the year, and she completed over 40 by November! She continues to do service for several organizations.

Daniel Gammon

Lesher Junior High School, Fort Collins Daniel is amazingly disciplined with extremely high expectations for himself in all that he does. He is very detail-oriented and somewhat of a perfectionist. He does not settle for mediocre.

Doha Shahba

Lesher Junior High School, Fort Collins Doha helps transition sixth graders and new students. She's in the WEB (Where Everyone Belongs) Outreach program that encourages positive dialogue in heated situations.

Eva Spearnak

Lesher Junior High School, Fort Collins Eva was a delegate for a Junior Model United Nations conference where she presented arguments and statements in front of 28 teams.

Gabriela Gritz Moya

Goddard Middle School, Littleton Gabriela is an incredible secretary for our organization. Time and time again she has come up with service ideas for us and has created systems and forms to help us stay focused and organized.

Halime Yilmaz

Morey Middle School, Denver Her class did a service project at Metro Caring of Denver. Afterwards, Halime continued that experience and now volunteers there twice a month. This organization is a food bank and soup kitchen. She organizes food and helps with distribution.

James Tran

Trail Ridge Middle School, Longmont James has been published in the Young American Poetry Digest.

Julia Erixon

Challenge School, Denver Julia willingly volunteers and goes above and beyond with what is asked of her. For example, she gave up one afternoon of her fall break to volunteer at a food pantry in downtown Denver. She stepped out of her comfort zone to help those in need and did so with a hardworking and positive attitude.

Julia Jenulis

Morey Middle School, Denver James has been published in the Young American Poetry Digest.

Katelynn Archer

Trail Ridge Middle School, Longmont Katelynn is an established writer. Her writing is at a high school level. She has also been published in the Young American Poetry Digest.

Katherine Nieuwlandt

Trail Ridge Middle School, Longmont Katie is constantly striving to improve her work. She has at times struggled in her advanced classes to achieve the grades she is used to getting, and instead of giving up, she rises to the challenge, seeks help, and gets to work. After that experience, she always earns the top grades.

Khalid Shahba

Lesher Junior High School, Fort Collins Khalid volunteers with the public library to read and recommend books. He volunteers at book sales, fundraisers, and book discussions.

Logan Oliver

Trail Ridge Middle School, Longmont Logan is always looking to improve himself. He consistently is asking questions about how to achieve his goals in the future.

Rohit Garimella

Challenge School, Denver Rohit takes initiative and is a leader, especially in his robotics group. He has gone to state for several years in a row.

Shane Ball

Lesher Junior High School, Fort Collins Shane is one of our leaders in our youth philanthropy group called Give Next. When the other advisor and I asked him to come up with a paragraph to give teachers to assist them in delivering our group's message to their students, Shane instead took it upon himself to create a PowerPoint that night—not just any PowerPoint, but one with embedded songs and videos to better excite our students and staff, and overall have a much better fundraiser.

Teagan Janssen

Lesher Junior High School, Fort Collins

Vladimir Rubtsov

Morey Middle School, Denver

Xinyu Wu

Lesher Junior High School, Fort Collins Xinyu participates in a school on weekends where she takes an AP Chinese class and teaches traditional Chinese dance to younger students.

Alex Arpino

Nathan Hale School, New Haven

Keelan Doherty

St. Joseph Elementary School, Danbury He is a role model to younger students, because he is willing to help without being asked, and he acts responsibly in all situations. Keelan shows kindness and compassion to his classmates, and respect and gratitude to his teachers.

Kimberli Salvador

Luis Munoz Marin School, Bridgeport He is a role model to younger students, because he is willing to help without being asked, and he acts responsibly in all situations. Keelan shows kindness and compassion to his classmates, and respect and gratitude to his teachers.

Sophia Nuterangelo

Nathan Hale School, New Haven Sophia is the top 1-2 percent in her class. She has no problem helping other students in any area they may need help with. She is very patient in making sure that the other students understand concepts to help them complete their assignments.

Syreena Melendez

Nathan Hale School, New Haven Syreena serves as a great mentor and tutor to other students. She is dedicated to helping other students learn and feel comfortable in their environment.

There are no winners from Delaware at this time.

Abigail Perree

Lake Park Baptist School, Lake Park Abigail is a gifted writer to say the least. For the past two years, she has placed in the top 3 in the DAR essay contest for Palm Beach County. Her creativity and mechanics in writing are extraordinary.

Alec Lacher

Wolf Lake Middle School, Apopka Alec is responsible for collecting and documenting the financial obligations of the Wolf Lake Middle School chapter of the National Junior Honor Society. He is also responsible for providing a budget reports at meetings.

Alexander Foege

St. Brendan Catholic School, Ormond Beach Alex's peers selected him to be not only NJHS president, but also student council president. As president of each organization, he leads and participates in many service-oriented projects. His direction of both groups is held in the highest regard. He leads by example, not merely by delegating responsibility to others.

Alexandra Armstrong

Blankner School, Orlando Allie worked through a very difficult time in sixth grade when she was adjusting to the demands of middle school and experienced a severe concussion. This was a very difficult and dark time for her. She worked through it by welcoming support and encouragement from others, and by also "forgiving" herself when she didn't live up to standards that she was accustomed to. She knew that, with time, she would get back to where she was used to performing. She knew the power to stay positive had to come from within, even when things were difficult.

Alexis Sawson

St. Brendan Catholic School, Ormond Beach Never one to shy away from a challenge, she strives to achieve at the highest level. She is a student with a determined attitude to not just "inhale" information, but to seek a greater depth of knowledge in many subjects.

Amanda Joseph

Ocoee Middle School, Ocoee Amanda exudes a level of confidence that sets her apart from her peers. She tries to find the positive outlook in all situations. Amanda strives to put a smile on every face she interacts with!

Amelia Letson

The Cushman School, Miami Amelia is always analytical and questioning to learn and gain knowledge. She is extremely intellectually curious and has a genuine love of learning.

Andrea Lopez

Ss. Peter & Paul School, Miami As a member of the Mission Club she is involved in many service activities that benefit our community such as the canned food drive, migrant workers shirt drive, and Respect Life. She also served her church as an altar server for many years.

Andrew Weaver

The Cushman School, Miami Andrew is taking all the honors level courses that are available for his grade level and age. Currently he is in honors English and algebra, an advanced course. Furthermore he is involved in academic pastimes, such as Debate Club and Chess.

Anna Blood

Lake Park Baptist School, Lake Park Anna is an extraordinary student. All of her work is done diligently, and she goes over and beyond what is expected of her. She is a straight A student, and she loves to learn and read. She is an academic mentor to the others in her class. Everyone aspires to

Ashley Cabeza

Divine Savior Academy, Doral Ashley is a very successful student. She makes learning look easy because it comes naturally to her.

Autumn Schultz

Divine Savior Academy, Doral

Brianna Garcia

St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic School, Saint Cloud Brianna works during electives administering tests to students who were absent for quizzes or tests and she takes her job seriously. She helps other students with math. She also reads with kindergarten buddies.

Cristina Kalb

The Cushman School, Miami

Daniela Fundora

Winston Park K-8 Center, Miami Daniela actively participates in assisting younger and new students to navigate the upper academy campus. She also helps with peer mentoring and group developmental sessions.

Dazha Durand

Wolf Lake Middle School, Apopka She always volunteers to serve and help. She is a mentor to her peers daily. She has volunteered with the community arts and jazz festival and the chorus program.

Dianne Strauss

Hochberg Preparatory School, North Miami Bch As a member of the school soccer team, Dianne says she has learned communication skills as well as the importance of organization.

Emily Davidovic

Hochberg Preparatory School, North Miami Bch

Emma Leathers

Blankner School, Orlando Emma works directly with a kindergarten child many afternoons helping with basic fact homework. The child has been dealing with seizures and fatigues easily, often spending

Erica Treadwell

Wolf Lake Middle School, Apopka Erica goes above and beyond in her language arts classes. When presented with an essay on the book "Tangerine," she built a soccer field, including the goals, from a shoebox to demonstrate the setting of the story.

Haley Bonavitacola

Ocoee Middle School, Ocoee Through her group, Rainbow, she has served at a local soup kitchen on the weekends and shared her experiences with our NJHS leadership. Haley brings a smile to many faces with her cheery disposition.

Harsh Bagdy

Terrace Community Middle School, Tampa Harsh is an exceptional student who demonstrates character on a daily basis. He requested to take an additional high school-level math class through Florida Virtual School on top of his current rigorous academics at TCMS.

James Lutton

The Cushman School, Miami

Jayde Wilson

All Souls Catholic School, Sanford Jayde is an amazing student who entered All Souls in fifth grade. She came from a background that did not promote learning excellence. She has made huge gains in learning and experiences since entering All Souls. She has been an outstanding scholar, athlete, and class leader.

Jessica Adkins

St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic School, Saint Cloud Jessica is an outstanding student who is dependable in all situations. She is the student who first comes to mind when we need someone to assist with introducing a new student to our school. She is caring and empathetic.

Joshua Sierra

Deltona Adventist School, Deltona

Justin Lilly

City Of Pembroke Pine Charter Middle School, Pembroke Pines Justin is a dependable student. He is always doing the right thing in and outside of class.

Keivana Durand

Wolf Lake Middle School, Apopka Keivana continuously sets new challenges and believes she has no boundaries. She once hit an out-of-the-park home run and every since then she's had so much confidence in herself that she believes there is nothing she cannot accomplish.

Kyla Thiel

Gulf Middle School, Cape Coral Kyla was one of five girls recently selected for the Girls Going Places program out of 150 girls. She is working independently and completing high school Spanish I and will be going into high school Spanish II through the Florida Virtual School program. She is a go-getter—always looking for ways to help others, make our world a better place, and to advance herself both academically and personally.

Lelani Antar

The Cushman School, Miami Lelani created a social entrepreneur project called “Run for Life.” This is a health initiative aimed at tackling childhood obesity and related health problems through a running club for children in the community. For this project she was awarded a grant from the Community Learning Partnership of Greater Miami Shores.

Mackenzie Martin

St. Brendan Catholic School, Ormond Beach Mackenzie is a self-starter. When she sees a situation that needs changing, she is the first to take the lead towards positive change. When there is a call for needed help in NJHS or Student council, Mackenzie is always the first to volunteer.

Madison Dye

Palm Pointe Educational Research School @ Tradition, Port Saint Lucie Madison has worked diligently to achieve high honors in any and all rigorous courses offered at our middle school. When a new course was offered, even for the first time, such as geometry, she pursued whatever was necessary as a prerequisite in order to ensure she was ready to tackle the challenge at hand.

Madison Perez

Abundant Life Christian Academy, Margate She created the first middle school contract at our school for eighth grade students to be allowed certain privileges that were normally not allowed at our school. Her leadership led to the contract being accepted and approved by administration, making this the first year to allow cell phone/technology use in the school during school hours for eighth graders.

Mariella Overdorff

Terrace Community Middle, Tampa Although she is not an officer in SGA, she is a homeroom rep. She has taken the initiative to enact changes to how spirit days were decided. She saw a discrepancy and felt students did not have a say and that the officers were only voting for themselves. When she saw this she approached the faculty advisor with her concerns and offered an alternate way of voting for spirit days. The alternative was adopted and allowed students more of a say in their school activity.

Maya Mays

Palm Springs Middle School Adult, West Palm Beach Seeing Maya on your roll on the first day of school is like hitting the lotto!! The example

Megan Proctor

Terrace Community Middle, Tampa Megan is currently working on a high school level class through Florida Virtual School, on top of her current classes. She is a sweet young lady, who has been very involved in leadership and volunteering at our school. She demonstrates kindness and caring on a daily basis.

Olivia Bell

Ocoee Middle School, Ocoee Olivia is an independent and motivated student. As she leaves middle school, she has already completed the equivalent of a year's worth of high school classes.

Olivia Duvall

St. Brendan Catholic School, Ormond Beach Olivia is a giver. Whenever there is a service project to be completed, Olivia is there. She gives of her time willingly and initiates the involvement of other members of the group.

Robert Morgan

The Cushman School, Miami Robert has a very mature command of the English language and writes on at least a tenth grade level in eighth grade. His writing skills are best observed when he competes in debate tournaments with our school's debate team. He writes compelling arguments.

Rohan Jakhete

Murray Middle School, Stuart Rohan is at the top of his class, yet always strives to do more, learn more, and share more. On top of his academic school schedule, he is a member of a youth aviation group and is pursuing his pilot's license.

Ryan Terry

Wolf Lake Middle School, Apopka Ryan's involvement with BETA Club, Math Club, Orlando Baseball Academy, and the National Junior Honor Society allows him many opportunities to grow and expand his leadership abilities, which translates into positive impact for the school, the community, and Ryan.

Sally Campbell

Centennial Middle School, Dade City Sally became involved in contributing to an organization created by a local high school student called S.O.C.K.S., which stands for Students Organizing Cancer Patients Krazy Socks. She developed her own division for raising socks/money called Sallybrating With

Shannon Chen

Terrace Community Middle School, Tampa Shannon dedicates her time to volunteering in her community. She has shown a commitment to serving those around her as evidenced by her ongoing visits to retirement homes and her church.

Shaun Rousso

Hochberg Preparatory School, North Miami Bch Involved with musical theater for seven years, Shaun says learning theater techniques helps him know how to perform under pressure and when he is nervous.

Taylor Neway

Blankner School, Orlando Taylor took an early diagnosis with juvenile diabetes and turned it into a strength. She has used her people, organizational, and motivational skills to help support the JDRF through fundraising. For 10 years she participated in walks for their organization and

Trisha Phan

Gulf Middle School, Cape Coral Trisha belongs to many of our school clubs and serves as an officer in one. Her academic performance puts her in the top 10 percent of our school. Trisha currently serves as a teacher's aide working with students in a lower level grade level and achievement level. She shows great patience and compassion when working with these children.

Tyauna Lewis

Murray Middle School, Stuart When she saw a need at the Early Childhood Center for more teens to participate in reading and games, she brought it to the National Junior Honor Society meeting and rallied almost half of our members to team up with her.

Yuliana Garcia

Gulf Middle School, Cape Coral Yuliana was selected as one of five eighth grade girls to attend the Girls Going Places convention at Florida Gulf Coast University in May. She will be representing our school while learning about entrepreneurship from female business owners.

There are no winners from Georgia at this time.

Keila Tsutsui

Hanalani Schools, Mililani Her concern for her community is shown through her commitment to events for Special Olympics, Autism Speaks, and Cancer Walks. She has a passion for special needs organizations, and she invests time and effort in contributing to those arenas. This carries over into her leadership also, as she is able to recruit others to get involved.

Paula Saladino

King David Kalakaua Middle School, Honolulu Paula is always the person to take charge in leadership class as well as help others. She is in no way bossy or condescending but always helpful. She is a peer reader during our elementary reading activities.

Queena Abarcar

King David Kalakaua Middle School, Honolulu Queena is willing to give 150 percent in everything she does, and she is a well-rounded individual. Queena's sincere and genuine dedication to her learning and her ability to effectively serve as a role model for our student body has been a tremendous asset for

Austin Anderson

Snake River Jr. High School, Blackfoot Austin is very kind to everyone. He seems far older than his age, and I am sure it is because he has carried such a huge responsibility taking care of his younger brother since he was young. Austin had to raise his brother like a parent at a very young

Christopher Patrick

East Junior High School, Boise Christopher promotes school activities through his involvement with the Student council and National Junior Honor Society. He was a catalyst for our very successful Salvation Army Food Drive by taking that project on and heavily promoting it with his classmates.

Dahsong Lee

East Junior High School, Boise Dahsong attends the local high school for two periods daily to take chemistry and calculus. She then returns to our junior high and is in accelerated classes, as well as upper-level music programs. She maintains a 4.0 GPA in all of her classes.

Helen (Hailun) Wang

East Junior High School, Boise Helen attends the Treasure Valley Math and Science Center in the mornings, where she takes accelerated algebra integrated, accelerated chemistry, and research. She then returns to the junior high where she is enrolled in other accelerated classes: English, U.S. history, and band. She is a gifted and humble student and classmate.

Jessica Lambert

East Junior High School, Boise As a reading partner, Jessica regularly meets with lower-level reading students to help them improve their ability and comprehension.

Kelsie Montierth

Kuna Middle School, Kuna Kelsie does not hesitate to email her teachers and her NJHS adviser for clarification and information. She is prompt to meetings and is willing to do all tasks asked of her. She is a model for effective communication.

Lauren Lloyd

East Junior High School, Boise Lauren has participated as a Reading Partner faithfully for the past two years. She meets one-on-one with slow learners three days per week to help them develop better reading and comprehension skills. This volunteer position allows students to participate as much or as little as they want—she is a constant member who willingly gives of her time!

Logan Woodhouse

East Junior High School, Boise Logan is a student dedicated to advancing his education and works hard to be successful in every aspect of is life. He also gives time to help his community, while maintaining a 4.0 GPA at school.

Maloree Barbera

East Junior High School, Boise Maloree is not intimidated by the upper-level courses that are offered to her. She is excited about learning and thrives in the challenging class environment. She shares her love of learning with the students she works with as a peer tutor, always with tact and patience. She helps the individual students see how learning can be fun even though difficult.

Megan Marshall

East Junior High School, Boise In Megan's own words, "The most important activity I have been a part of is Reading Partners. When a student makes progress in reading, it makes me happy." What more could anyone say for an advocate for the less fortunate student?

Sean Halford

East Junior High School, Boise Sean's desire to become an astrophysicist is obvious by the projects and activities he spends his time on. He excels in physics, and he volunteers at the Discovery Center of Idaho and Boise State University’s STEM day.

Theo Knoll

East Junior High School, Boise Theo attends the Treasure Valley Math and Science Center in the mornings, where he takes accelerated chemistry, precalculus, and AP computer science. He then returns to the junior high where he is also enrolled in accelerated classes: English, U.S. history, and Spanish.

Alex Phillips

Catalyst Elementary Charter School, Chicago Alex's writing surpasses many of his peers due to his incorporation of evidence, sophisticated vocabulary, and attention to detail. Alex's writing is also highly reflective of society, challenging the status quo and using evidence and words to plant seeds for change.

Connor McGibney

Grant Middle School, Fairview Heights

Darrica McDaniel

Grant Middle School, Fairview Heights

Desiree Duncan

Momence Jr. High School, Momence Desiree is the first one to stand up for others in the hallway, in class, and outside of school. She will sit next to the new students to make them feel welcome, no matter the gender or race.

Gabriela Reyes

Catalyst Elementary Charter School, Chicago She genuinely loves to learn and take action. For a science project, she went above and beyond and created and coded her own robot while others completed rudimentary projects.

Joseph McLain

Grant Middle School, Fairview Heights Joseph is active in Boy Scouts, volunteers at the public library, helps in the community garden, helps with food drives, is a member of student council, and is the captain of the scholar bowl team.

Kevin Bernabe

Catalyst Elementary Charter School, Chicago As a church volunteer, he has had direct experience helping others. When his dad was in the hospital, he helped deliver gifts at the hospital and learned about the importance of empathy.

Kija Washington

Catalyst Elementary Charter School, Chicago In all of her writing assignments, Kija has chosen topics on how to empower young girls to find a voice and how to create positive change for the injustices she sees in her community. In the poem she wrote and performed in front of the school, she explored issues of friendship and girls' thoughts on their appearance, stemming from struggles she has had with self-esteem and body image.

Mia Petri

River Trails Middle School, Mt Prospect Mia brought an idea to create bags for the homeless to her NJHS chapter. She organized and led the group in collecting and donating items to help those in need.

Miguel Contreras

Catalyst Elementary Charter School, Chicago Miguel is unbelievably intelligent. He consistently scores far above grade level. In fact, Miguel has the highest math NWEA score in the entire eighth grade and middle school. He has such natural talent and picks up on information very quickly. Miguel often helps teach the class and is consistently helping out his peers.

Mirian Rios-Barbosa

Rockdale School Dist. #84, Rockdale Not only is Mirian the president of the National Junior Honor Society, but she is the secretary for Student council as well. Both of these positions require her to do more than other members of those respective organizations. She does extra work without being asked.

Natalie Sanchez

Fred Rodgers Magnet Academy, Aurora Her recent efforts have mainly focused on the homeless population in Aurora. Through NJHS she has spearheaded a "We Scare Hunger" campaign to bring awareness to the numerous families who are hungry in our community as well as volunteering at a local soup kitchen.

Odalys Olmedo

Catalyst Elementary Charter School, Chicago Odalys was named my advisory's Suicide Prevention Month representative. In this role, she read a speech and performed a pledge with our advisory. This experience taught her

Sofia Salazar

Catalyst Elementary Charter School, Chicago Sofia is an absolute star academically. She consistently receives straight As in all of her classes. She is always actively listening and maintains a growth mindset.

Addai Lewellen

Pioneer Jr-Sr High School, Royal Center Addai is an outgoing, energetic young man. He is quick to make friends with all students. Addai volunteers for almost any activity or club that he can be in.

Alec Upchurch

Muncie Southside Middle School, Muncie Alec is the model student and citizen. He is always prepared and ready to take on the world when it comes to any task at hand. He is extremely helpful and well mannered. He represents Southside Middle School with pride and dignity.

Ezra Lewellen

Pioneer Jr-Sr High School, Royal Center Ezra has a presence about him that radiates love and compassion for his peers. Ezra is quick to befriend new students, takes extra time out of his day to speak to a special education student by helping him get lunch, and overall has great character.

Hailey Gotshall

Pioneer Jr-Sr High School, Royal Center Hailey is a student who is very active in clubs and sports. Hailey has recently stepped up by creating and completing programs for the play. These were outstanding! She put in the extra effort to make these look professional while keeping with the theme.

Jacquelyn Hill

Pioneer Jr-Sr High School, Royal Center Jacquelyn is a new student to Pioneer. She has become a great asset to our school in many ways. She is very involved in sports and clubs. She is prompt, kind, and willing to complete any/all tasks asked of her. Jacquelyn is friendly to her peers and gets along with the whole student body.

Keaton Schroder

Pioneer Jr-Sr High School, Royal Center Keaton is very involved in clubs, sports, and many activities at the school. He has done a great job this year of volunteering and completing tasks in a timely manner. Keaton is outgoing and friendly. He is the student that everyone wants to be friends with.

Kendra Personett

Pioneer Jr-Sr High School, Royal Center As a state page representative, Kendra met with her senator at the state house and helped at the Chamber of Commerce to learn more in depth about how government works.

Kim Conner

Muncie Southside Middle School, Muncie

Kylie Allen

Muncie Southside Middle School, Muncie

Lauren Lutz

Lapel Middle School, Lapel Lauren has helped raise funds for a new fire station in Lapel. Also, she helped raise money for the Optimist Club building that had to be reconstructed due to fire damage. She believes these organizations to be essential to our small community.

Macie Moon

Pioneer Jr-Sr High School, Royal Center Macie, although quiet, makes quite an impact on her student peer group. Her effort and organization have put her at the top of her class, not only academically, but also as a student leader. Anything that Macie feels uncomfortable with she puts forth the extra time to research and make sure she is doing the best that she can.

Madison Blickenstaff

Pioneer Jr-Sr High School, Royal Center Madison was very ill during the first semester of school. She continued to complete her homework in a timely manner and was constantly in contact with her teachers. She used her time wisely and focused on her work diligently.

Sierra Rodewig

Paoli Jr & Sr High School, Paoli As a student with a focus on her academics, Sierra doesn't shy away from taking challenging courses. … She is preparing herself for the many AP courses she will have during her junior and senior years. Sierra will have wonderful opportunities in her future because of the decisions she is making today.

Zhy'yon Hoover

Northwest High School, Indianapolis She frequently is praised by her teachers for outstanding academic performance and has been awarded high honor roll, honor roll for student athletes, a Carson Scholars fund nomination, and 21st Century Scholars. Lastly, she initiated an independent study course in piano to include music in the school schedule.

There are no winners from Iowa at this time.

There are no winners from Kansas at this time.

There are no winners from Kentucky at this time.

Porter May

First Baptist Church School, Shreveport Porter has an influence on his peers and those in the community. He helped the Student council by leading a workshop for potential leaders this fall. This showed his desire to help others become strong leaders.

There are no winners from Maine at this time.

Abigail Szymanski

Easton Middle, Easton Abigail excels in writing. It is a passion and a strength of hers. She won the Patriot's Pen essay contest for her writing on the meaning of freedom. She is an articulate student who has a talent and a passion for expressing herself in writing.

Abigale Detrich

Easton Middle, Easton As school and NJHS president, Abigale has worked to start various programs in our school, such as a school-sponsored National Student Leadership Week, a cross-club service project, and an eighth grade graduation event.

Ashley Guillen-Gallegos

Easton Middle, Easton Ashley is always willing to help students who are confused or lost. She gives tours of the school to new students and volunteers to translate for new students who only speak Spanish. Ashley is also willing to help students on class work when they are struggling.

Colby Martin

Matapeake Middle School, Stevensville Colby is a considerate, genuine, intelligent young woman. She achieves high academic standards while balancing outside school commitments to athletic and community service-type endeavors. She is a model student at Matapeake Middle School.

Craig Weedon

Easton Middle, Easton Craig seeks out challenges through taking various rigorous classes such as upper-level math, STEM, and foreign language courses.

Diamond Lewis

Northern Middle, Owings Diamond's quest for learning is unfathomable. She is constantly asking connecting questions and incorporating prior lessons to make connections. Her ideas and thoughts promote classroom discussion and she is a model for learning.

Isaiah Whyman

Easton Middle, Easton Isaiah leads both by example and through his leadership roles in the school and church. Through National Junior Honor Society, he has helped to raise money for the American Cancer Society while through his church he has taken leadership roles to help feed the needy.

Jack Humphreys

Matapeake Middle School, Stevensville Jack is enrolled in his school’s enrichment program choosing the Gateway to Technology program with Medical Detectives this year and Flight and Space last year.

Jada Paschall

Baltimore Leadership School For Young Women, Baltimore Jada shows that whatever she sets her mind to she will achieve. She has maintained her composure even when other students strive to distract or upset her.

Joshua Newmier

Easton Middle, Easton Josh has received many academic accolades including representing the state in a national geography competition, serving as the team captain for his school’s academic competition team, and earning principal’s honor roll for 10 consecutive quarters of study.

Katherine Kilbourn

Easton Middle, Easton Katherine is involved in very intensive dance programs and is able to balance the rehearsal and class schedule of her dance program with her volunteer work and academic responsibilities.

Laila Gosnell

Easton Middle, Easton Laila is willing to try new things and explore her interests without hesitation due to failure. This willingness allows her to grow intellectually beyond her peers.

Lilly Roser

Easton Middle, Easton Lilly is regularly awarded honor roll and principal’s honor roll awards. Lilly also has been recognized for her outstanding artistic work, both illustration and dance. Her art has been displayed and auctioned in town and she mentors younger dancers regularly.

Madeline Taylor

Matapeake Middle School, Stevensville As NJHS president, Maddie is always coming up with ideas to make students feel welcome at our school. She started a campaign to spread kind words throughout the school.

Sara Fletcher

Esperanza Middle, Lexington Park Sara participates in St. Mary's County Special Olympics, raised funds to help buy a K-9 a bulletproof vest, helped raise funds and supplies for a community member building a well, and participates in multiple after-school activities at local elementary schools.

Sarah Daly

Easton Middle, Easton Sarah has grit. She has proven her ability to reach a goal through her repeated lead role theater performances as well as her determination to seek out and be involved in leadership organizations.

Taylor Jackson

Easton Middle, Easton Taylor is able to identify her passions and use them to fuel change in her community. She feels strongly about cancer research and treatment and turned that into a passionate fundraising campaign for Relay for Life.

Alisa Grishin

Salem Academy Charter School, Salem Alisa is extremely curious about history and the past. She consistently is reading three to four different novels as she wants to learn as much as possible about Russian history.

Allison Reilly

Dedham Middle School, Dedham Allison is able to keep a nearly perfect grade point average while still enjoying many extracurricular activities. She plays two sports, acts as the leader of her dance team, and plays in the school jazz band.

Ashley Appo

St. Charles Elementary School, Woburn Ashley participates in many activities. She volunteers as one of the preschool helpers and for office duty and door duty. She is part of the school band and choir, and she serves on student council. Ashley is extraordinary for her sense of compassion for her fellow students.

Grace Barrett

Dedham Middle School, Dedham Grace's proudest academic accomplishment was a seventh grade project in which she reported on food waste in her community. She completed research, created a poster and presentation, and proposed a solution for our school to help alleviate the problem. Her peers voted her project as the best presentation and the idea that they would most support.

Isabelle Pollard

St. Charles Elementary School, Woburn Isabelle tutors a fifth grade student once a week. She also tutors, as needed, in the after-school program.

Janae Beaver

Salem Academy Charter School, Salem Janae models empathy when interacting with her peers. Last year, she was part of a group of girls who started a women's empowerment group.

Jennifer Britto

St. Charles Elementary School, Woburn Jennifer always steps up to any occasion. She helps both her fellow students and teachers, helps in preschool, works in the office, volunteers at a local food pantry, and makes blankets for newborn babies.

Linda Bibeau

St. Mary of the Annunciation, Danvers Linda is the definition of a leader in and out of school. Not only is Linda the president of the school's National Junior Honor Society, she organized the school's recycling program, she’s a member of the student council, and also is a tour guide for prospective school families.

Lour Drick Valsote

Salem Academy Charter School, Salem I have witnessed this student hold himself to extremely high standards. During track season, he exercised great self-discipline as he committed himself to success in a new sport.

Mikhaela Abreu

Salem Academy Charter School, Salem She is currently planning to create an organization that helps girls around her age find opportunities to volunteer in and around Salem.

Molly Hayes

St. Charles Elementary School, Woburn Molly will tell you her favorite subject is math and science, but she has won the school's speech contest for historical figures. Molly picked Sojourner Truth and her

Olivia Domingos

St. Charles Elementary School, Woburn Olivia tutors a fifth grade student who needs extra help once a week. She really enjoys helping out. She is also the captain of the basketball team. She is a role model for the younger students and helps them with both leadership skills and basketball skills.

Samantha Palmer

Oxford Middle, Oxford If a friend or classmate is struggling, Samantha will encourage them and stay with them until they receive help to resolve the situation.

Savana Vida

Provincetown High, Provincetown Savana comes from a family with a diverse background and many adopted siblings with special needs. She goes out of her way to make sure her brothers are included and welcome at school and in the wider community. She honors their individuality and encourages her peers to do that as well.

Shannon Murphy

Salem Academy Charter School, Salem She volunteered to be part of a student group known as Facing History and Ourselves. This group collaborates with students at a nearby school. The purpose of this program is to promote self-reflection and the celebration of diversity.

Summer Abusharkh

Salem Academy Charter School, Salem Summer is taking four honors courses. This is the most rigorous possible course of study.

Yusuf Sarhan

Salem Academy Charter School, Salem When Yusuf was injured during a trip, he gave his basketball uniform to the team's manager, so he could play in the last game of the year.

Alexa Garavaglia

Wyandot Middle School, Clinton Township Alexa volunteers for everything. One of the service opportunities through the Volunteens really touched her. Alexa helped at a soup kitchen and was really impressed with how people who have less material things and lived a more difficult life were still positive.

Angel Wachera

Lakeview Middle School, Battle Creek Angel has chosen to start her studies in the Japanese language in the eighth grade, an early high school program. In addition to her academics, she has demonstrated her diverse interests by participating with the dance team, NJHS, yearbook, and the WEB (Where Everybody Belongs) program. She has shown leadership in all the programs and has participated in leadership training through the WEB program.

Austin Gatlin

Wyandot Middle School, Clinton Township Austin is a gifted writer using mature vocabulary appropriately and proper voice in all of his pieces.

Avery Harriger

Crossroads Middle School, Grand Rapids Avery has excellent verbal skills and is a strong orator. She enjoys spoken language, debate and public performance. She writes her own, often humorous, scripts for our school's closed circuit TV announcements.

Ben Muenzer

Lake Fenton Middle School, Fenton Ben was voted class leader for his dedication, responsibility, ability to empathize, and responsibility.

Breanna Stewart

Wyandot Middle School, Clinton Township Breanna works diligently across the board academically. This is impressive when you realize that she is also extremely busy outside of school with dance. Breanna is at the studio nine to ten hours each week and has maintained a 4.0 GPA in middle school.

Celeste Groth

Lake Fenton Middle School, Fenton

Chloe Horcha Fuwell

Lake Fenton Middle School, Fenton Chloe demonstrates how to be academically successful. She is confident and does not look for the easy way out of challenges.

Elizabeth Pethick

Lake Fenton Middle School, Fenton

Emily Felix

Lake Fenton Middle School, Fenton

Helen Devine

Birmingham Covington School, Birmingham Helen is often chosen both by the students and the staff to share her voice in important meetings. Students know that her voice is a voice that is respected in the community of students and adults. The students share their feelings and ideas with Helen and she is always willing to advocate for them.

Javeria Asif

Lakeview Middle School, Battle Creek Not only does she excel in advanced and challenging coursework, she also chooses multiple avenues of creative expression and curiosity as hobbies. She reads over an hour a day. She paints two hours a week. She has spent the past four years learning Arabic. She writes creatively. She bakes and decorates cakes.

Julia Plotkowski

Wyandot Middle School, Clinton Township Julia is a positive influence in all she does. She is involved in sports, student council, drama, and all of our volunteer groups such as the Volunteens and Relay for Life.

Justin Kneeshaw

Crossroads Middle School, Grand Rapids As a Boy Scout for eight years, Justin has spent numerous hours in service taking care of and enhancing public property. In his schoolwork and in his role as NJHS president Justin is always respectful of copyright and producing his own original work.

Katelyn Siebert

Lake Fenton Middle School, Fenton

Kathryn Bobzin

Wyandot Middle School, Clinton Township Kathryn is involved in every activity possible, giving her all to each endeavor. She is not only visibly active and responsible in her role as president of student council, but is also very active and reliable in our Relay for Life chapter as well as our volunteer group, the Volunteens. Kathryn leads by example and follows through on all of her numerous obligations, including those as secretary of the NJHS.

Kayley Gallagher

Lake Fenton Middle School, Fenton Kayley is a part of student activities, which represents her peers. She also has been honored for lifting team spirit on her swim team.

Kylie Baron

Wyandot Middle School, Clinton Township Kylie is already taking the big picture into account when planning for the future. She is actively researching and investigating courses that will further her success in becoming an engineer.

Lila Johnson

Crossroads Middle School, Grand Rapids As an avid reader, Lila is a highly literate individual who gets excited about the opportunity to debate literature with peers in her advanced-level English class. This experience and enthusiasm carries over into her writing. She writes beautifully with clarity of expression beyond her years.

Lucy Moran

Wyandot Middle School, Clinton Township Lucy always wants to understand everything. She asks questions and takes an active role in her education. Even if something is not graded, Lucy wants to know how she could improve.

Maddi Medich

Lake Fenton Middle School, Fenton When Maddi is at school, she is positive and it becomes contagious. She is a leader in her class and church community. She dedicates many hours to helping others and guiding them.

Marcella Petiprin

Lake Fenton Middle School, Fenton Visiting National Parks gives her insight into conservation efforts and exposes her to national cultures.

Maris Ferguson

Lake Fenton Middle School, Fenton With Maris' hectic schedule, she manages her time wonderfully, as she still maintains her 4.0 GPA.

MaryHelen Prince

Crossroads Middle School, Grand Rapids One of the first actions MaryHelen took as the newly elected historian of NJHS was to clean up the NJHS office space. She got us well organized, brightened the space with hand-lettered signs and continues to maintain this space of her own choice. In addition, MaryHelen was instrumental in leading our tie-dye t-shirt project.

Nathaniel Ball

St. Regis Catholic School, Bloomfield Hills Nathaniel is involved in many activities inside and outside of school. He plays sports, is an altar server, plays the baritone saxophone in the Academy Band, and works on service projects. He likes to build and create things and plans to attend college to become an engineer.

Nick Haddad

Birmingham Covington School, Bloomfield Hills He has been in two organizations that support special needs students, Pathfinders and The Friendship Circle, where he has put in numerous hours of work over the past six to seven years.

Riley Damore

Lakeview Middle School, Battle Creek Riley volunteers daily in a second grade elementary school classroom. She reads with an at-risk student. She actively participates in service through her church, and she has taken on several leadership roles for service projects within our school. Riley leads rather quietly, yet she is a strong leader with a record of success.

Sydney Hammis

Lake Fenton Middle School, Fenton Sydney leads by pushing people to work harder, study more, and help.

Vikram Strander

Lakeview Middle School, Battle Creek Vikram is an eighth grader and participates in the Academically Talented Youth Program through Western Michigan University. He has been in the program the past two years and is currently taking geometry and precalculus, as well as English 9/10.

Christian Santana

Humboldt High School, Saint Paul Christian volunteers for the Seed Library Program at the Riverview Public Library where he encourages community members to grow home gardens and share seeds. He advocates for sustainable farming and while reducing the carbon footprint.

John Nguyen

Hazel Park Preparatory Academy, Saint Paul John is incredibly mindful of the students in our building, from the pre-K students to his peers in eighth grade. When our NJHS group or the student council are planning activities for the school, John is usually the first to voice concern over possible negative impacts or how the activity may not be inclusive enough to capture our entire student body.

Kristin Haveri

Two Harbors Secondary, Two Harbors Kristin is a student who is willing to work for an A+ rather than just an A. She is someone who will push the other students around her both through her encouragement and the example she sets.

Lay Lay

Humboldt High School, Saint Paul Lay Lay is a first generation college-bound student who excels academically despite limited support from her parents since they have limited formal education since arriving in the United States. She has visited three college campuses in middle school. Lay Lay actively engages in school and community organizations to educate herself about the postsecondary education process.

Let Let

Humboldt High School, Saint Paul Let Let is a first generation college-bound student who is on track for postsecondary education. She has made higher education a priority and aligned her actions and goals at school and in the community to reflect her future career as a pediatrician. Let Let has visited four college campuses as a middle school student and actively seeks out school and community-related opportunities to enhance her education.

Nora Hubbard

Two Harbors Secondary, Two Harbors

Mary Redhead

Trinity Episcopal Day School, Natchez Mary is an active leader and continues to learn how to improve on being a good leader. She has learned the art of compromise, the importance of teamwork, and good communication. She also has a strong faith that she values.

Abby Dreyer

West Middle School, O Fallon Abby's service project this year is to beautify the school's Outdoor Classroom. It has been neglected for a few years, and she is leading the work to make it usable and beautiful again.

Adrienne Sauer

Warrensburg Middle, Warrensburg Adrienne participates in a program entitled Peer Helpers where she helps new students to the school become acclimated to the school. She also helps during a student advisory period tutoring other students in the school.

Annabelle Wenzel

Hancock Place Middle, Lemay Annabelle took the initiative to become first aid, AED and CPR certified for adults and children. She has shown extraordinary initiative in her Girl Scout troop by taking on leadership roles with younger troops and at resident and day camps. Annabelle was the only girl to work on the robot of the robotics team. She worked on her own to fix his code and make him work.

Emily Freeman

Ozark Jr. High, Ozark Emily demonstrates commitment to her goals and activities. She puts in ten hours a week to soccer, after-school time to Science Olympiad, before-school time to student council, and several hours a month to Girl Scouts while maintaining a 4.0 GPA.

Hannah Crouch

South Middle, Joplin Hannah is a wonderful person and student. When she was in my sixth grade class she could type faster than her peers and she continually got better. She has tremendous writing talent as well as musical ability.

Jayla Coleman

Hancock Place Middle School, Saint Louis Jayla is an extraordinary school citizen. She is a defender of the underdog and stays out of drama. She is always helpful and respectful.

Jordan Hibbler

Orchard Farm Middle, St. Charles Not only does Jordan show hard work and diligence in the classroom but as a leader in school, and he continues to show his school spirit by being involved in extracurricular activities.

Josie Glenn

Ozark Jr. High, Ozark Josie maintains a full schedule at school sustaining a 4.0 GPA. She takes piano lessons each week along with daily practice. She is in an exclusive choir with a weekly practice schedule. She continues to volunteer for the childcare in her church both weekday and Sunday.

Julie Howard

Hancock Place Middle School, Saint Louis

Lily Dang

South Middle, Joplin Lily is very creative, she listens, and she does amazing work. She is an example for all students to follow.

Sarvesh Palaniappan

West Middle School, O Fallon Sarvesh is aware of the needs of the school community and the community-at-large. He organized and implemented a service project that helped both. He called it "Sandwich Making." He organized fellow NJHS members to assemble sandwiches, which were donated to a homeless shelter during a particularly cold time of year.

Taliyah Smith

Hancock Place Middle School, Saint Louis

There are no winners from Montana at this time.

Emilio Haynes

R. M. Marrs Magnet Middle School, Omaha

Caitlin Robinson

Thurman White Middle School, Henderson Caitlin has maintained straight A Honor Roll for two years even with her after-school activities such as swimming, gymnastics, dance, and soccer commitments.

Chloe Tabayoyong

Bridger Middle School, N Las Vegas Chloe volunteered to be a peer tutor. She is willing to help her at-risk peers succeed.

Christopher Jepson

B Mahlon Brown Junior High School, Henderson Christopher is an active member in his youth church group, which has gone into the community on numerous occasions doing various service activities to beautify their community. He has goals set for his future that will help him become a positive and active member within his community as an adult.

Gages Curry

Thurman White Middle School, Henderson As president of NJHS, Gages is in charge of coming up with lessons that teach his peers character traits for weekly meetings.

Isabel Garcia

Thurman White Middle School, Henderson Isabel is enrolled in six classes, and four of them are accelerated classes. She is able to keep up with the workload and perform well on tests and quizzes.

Laila Khan

Jim Bridger Middle School, N Las Vegas Laila continues to be a top student ambassador who talks positively to potential students and parents about our magnet program. Laila not only gives meaningful information to help families make a decision about school choice, but she also explains her experiences.

Nicolas Gomez

Justice M E Leavitt Middle School, Las Vegas As well as being exceptionally smart, Nicolas is a great role model. He always offers to help with whatever needs to be done and is extremely polite no matter what is going on. He is one of few kids that will go out of their way to say good morning or have a nice day.

Victoria Bryson

B Mahlon Brown Junior High School, Henderson Victoria is an exceptional student who has goals that will help her become an active, productive member in her community. She also has taken an active role in service projects within our school community to beautify the school and the surrounding areas.

Isabelle Huggard

Alton Central School, Alton Whether it is taking over the reins for Winter Carnival, organizing the school's recycling program, or planning one of our many fundraisers for charity, Isabelle demonstrates the ability to lead with a smile and to earn the support of all those around her.

Jeremiah Audette

Iber Holmes Gove Middle School, Raymond As a member of student council, he attended the Stand Up to Bullying convention.

Alyssa Kolnik

St. Teresa Regional School, Runnemede Alyssa adds to the school community with her intellect and personality. As commissioner of student services she works with other students to plan and create displays for various school functions. She, along with her committee, involves the entire student body in the creation of the displays.

Brenna Snively

Myron L. Powell Elem, Cedarville Brenna is concerned about the elderly members of our community and, therefore, has read books to them once a week for the past four years. She also participates in the folk singers visit to nursing homes in our area.

Farabi Faroque

Sovereign Ave School, Atlantic City Farabi has chosen to select additional core classes instead of taking electives next year at the high school.

Gabrielle Sangataldo

St. Mary’s Regional School, Vineland Gabrielle’s communication skills enable her to champion any cause effectively. When taking on a commitment, whether for personal gain or the benefit of the community, she accepts the responsibility and is quite capable of organizing a resolution. She quite willing accepts challenges that many others would walk away from.

Jett Tinik

Neptune Middle School, Neptune Jett is an exemplar for what I would think a middle school honor society member would represent. Jett has not missed any meetings and is constantly volunteering for any of the events we hold.

Lauren Cox

Myron L. Powell, Cedarville Lauren helps the Celebrating Our Veterans Organization with publicity and eliciting community support and awareness, specifically through the use of social media. She spends one to two hours per week performing this service.

Madeline Fawcett

St. Mary’s Regional School, Vineland A great way to describe her would be to call her our "go-to" girl. She is always ready, willing, and able to help out in any situation she is asked to face. She views challenges as opportunities for self-improvement and growth.

Marycruz Vera-Bedolla

Myron L. Powell School, Cedarville Marycruz models good behavior during school and during all school functions. She has been invited by several staff members to model good behavior for other classrooms.

Najifa Hussain

Sovereign Ave. School, Atlantic City She came to America when she was 2 and learned the English language while still speaking Bangali. She is always eager to go the extra mile and participates in the STEM program.

Nidaa Bukhari

Sovereign Ave. School, Atlantic City She stays after school and helps out students. She has also taken on a role as mentor to students with the Asian Club. She helps teach the younger students the dances. She is an A-Line drummer and often leads the routines.

Nina Casselberry

William Davies Middle School, Mays Landing When we were making cookies for bus driver appreciation day, Nina heard we needed a few more batches and volunteered to make extra in order to make sure we had enough for all the drivers.

Shivam Sachdeva

St. Mary’s Regional School, Vineland He sets an example for younger students in the school to follow. His service work outside

Tabitha Gentiletti

St. Mary’s Regional School, Vineland After assigning a partner project to her class, I noticed that one student who was new to the school did not have anyone to work with. Tabitha willingly switched to partner with the new student in an effort to make her feel welcome. They worked well together, and the

Tabitha Taylor

William Davies Middle School, Mays Landing Tabitha saw a need for young girls to understand autism, and created a program to teach them about it. Additionally, she went even further by creating a low sensory game night for autistic children.

Victor Bautistaa

Sovereign Ave School, Atlantic City Victor coaches the younger soccer players twice a week. He works with children ages 5 to 8 and helps them master their skills in soccer.

Vivek Kolli

William Davies Middle School, Mays Landing It is evident from Vivek's résumé that he demonstrates a positive influence in the school. He founded a Math Counts club and serves as the president of his school’s chapter of the National Junior Honor Society.

Breanna Richmond

Red Mountain Middle School, Deming Breanna works hard to maintain her perfect GPA. She is academically sound and continues to work to improve herself.

Davarryle Kee

Wingate Elementary School, Fort Wingate DaVarryle excels in helping others achieve. He is excellent in team and group activities. DaVarryle makes sure that he is on time to peer tutoring sessions and makes arrangements with the teachers and peers when he will not be available for tutoring sessions.

Destiny Hodges

Clovis High School Freshman Academy, Clovis She is the kind of student that every teacher absolutely loves having in his or her classroom. In everyday passing in the hallway, it is obvious that other students look to her as a positive role model by the way they greet her and look to her for advice.

Emily Thompson

Wingate Elementary School, Fort Wingate

Gia Castaneda

Coronado Middle, Gallina Gia always goes above and beyond academically. She loves to be challenged and her work is impeccable. She is an avid reader and participates in the Battle of the Books.

Gjia Ayson

Clovis High School Freshman Academy, Clovis Gjia is a part of an organization called Student to Student. This organization helps military students who are new to the school feel welcome and help them make a smooth transition. She was in charge of making a brochure explaining the organization to give to new students as they enroll. This young lady is an excellent mentor to not only the new military students, but all students.

Liyah Yazzie

Wingate Elementary School, Fort Wingate

Aidan Rooney

Bay Shore Middle School, Bay Shore Aidan works with special needs kids. He feels that they should be involved in sports and that they need someone to guide them and to be a voice for them.

Brittany Kropp

Chenango Valley High School, Binghamton Brittany always has a smile on her face and is willing to help others. She plays several sports in which she excels beyond her academics. She has been involved in student council, Warrior Club, and Summer Fun, which all are ways that have helped her build her leadership.

Danica Villanueva

St. Rita School, Staten Island Danica believes that giving back to the community and helping others makes her a better person and a positive contributor to society. She feels becoming more active in the community helps in the development of character and is an excellent way to connect to others.

David LaBorde

St. Mary School, Canandaigua David is internally motivated to do well academically and consistently pushes himself to give his best effort in all that he does. Doing well and being successful are important to David, thus he sets a high standard for himself and does whatever is necessary to meet his goal. David does not shy away from rigor and challenge.

Dylan O'Connor

Alexandria Central High School, Alexandria Bay As a participant in the Scripps National Spelling Bee, Dylan studied for one to two hours each night for four years focusing on etymology and furthering his French studies. He was a national semifinalist in 2014 and 2015.

Eric Brom

Chenango Valley High School, Binghamton He is a hardworking, self-motivated student who excels in the areas of math and science. He participates in many extracurricular activities outside of school and is a great role model for his peers.

Evelyn Jacobs

St. Mary School, Canandaigua Evelyn is a true leader within our school community. She has a positive attitude and demonstrates a maturity that is appreciated by teachers and staff within the school.

Isabelle Brown

Bay Shore Middle School, Bay Shore Isabelle has earned the Rising Star Award. This award is presented to students with tremendous intellectual promise. This year Isabelle's research paper spotlighted the Syrian Refugee Crisis. It is just one example of Isabelle's desire to reach far beyond the classroom in an effort to understand world issues. Isabelle spent countless hours researching the topic.

Jasmine Rodriguez

Island Trees Middle School, Levittown Jasmine is a very intelligent, hardworking and motivated young lady. I have known her for four years and have seen her grow into the young woman that she is today. She is involved in our school and works hard to achieve success for herself and others around her.

Jordan Morales

Bay Shore Middle School, Bay Shore Jordan is a rising star in every sense of the word. It is easy to predict a bright and successful future on the horizon. Jordan's work ethic and desire to be and stay involved in all aspects of the school experience places her among the top students with potential for growth. Her only challenge will be deciding which path to follow because they all lead to great things.

Joseph Darcy

Bay Shore Middle School, Bay Shore Joe is always concerned that everyone has and gets recognition for their part in a group effort. He is willing to step out of the spotlight to allow his peers to be acknowledged. It is one of his most endearing qualities.

Lindsey Monica

Alexandria Central High School, Alexandria Bay Lindsey is often the first student to stand up for someone who is being bullied or who is having a bad day. She does so in a respectful and appropriate manner.

Lindsey Boorse

Ernie Davis Middle School, Elmira She reads the daily announcements on the intercom. She took the idea of a quote once a week to every day. She got on the internet and found quotes that are positive and motivational.

Mackenzie Hyde

Alexandria Central High School, Alexandria Bay Mackenzie is an incredibly driven young lady. She always pushes herself to be her best and consistently sets goals for herself.

Makayla Witt

Alexandria Central High School, Alexandria Bay Makayla is an incredible young leader who leads by example for all students in the school and community. Not only is she a leader in the school, she portrays the same leadership qualities in local organizations.

Meghan Wardell

Alexandria Central High School, Alexandria Bay Meghan always strives to do her best. Meghan is often disappointed in herself when she does not do as well as she had hoped, but she does not let her disappointments become a burden. She turns it into new goals.

Mya Weaver

Alexandria Central High School, Alexandria Bay Although Mya is a quiet young lady, she is an incredible role model in all areas, especially that of academics. Her quiet voice shines bright in the classroom.

Paige Spiehler

St. Mary School, Canandaigua She is an exceptional writer. She has excellent organization in her writing pieces and provides great detail and explanation when making a point. She has an authentic voice as well that comes through in her writing.

Perry Balsamo

Bay Shore Middle School, Bay Shore As president of the National Junior Honor Society, Perry takes his role very seriously. He conducts meetings, monitors attendance, staffs events, and encourages members to get involved in school activities. The announcement of his presidency prompted thunderous applause—a tribute to his positive influence on his peers.

Samantha Samy

St. Rita School, Staten Island One of Samantha's favorite subjects is Italian. She feels it is important to learn other languages so we can understand other cultures better. She continuously demonstrates eagerness to learn and grow.

Samantha Sova

A F Palmer Elementary School/Windsor Central Middle School, Windsor Sam is an excellent musician (she plays with the high school jazz band even though she is just in eighth grade), student (she is third in a class of 120 students), and volunteer (working extensively with her church and for our local food pantry most recently organizing a Christmas Concert and basket raffle for their benefit).

Sarah Klueber

Bay Shore Middle School, Bay Shore Sarah was elected captain of the eighth grade soccer team. She was also voted Most Valuable Player. To achieve this recognition one must possess leadership qualities. Her love of soccer extends beyond the school field and into the community where Sarah can be found serving as a referee. As a young woman, Sarah feels that it is important to show girls in the community that responsibility and independence are important at any age.

Sydney Christensen

A F Palmer Elementary School/Windsor Central Middle School, Windsor Sydney is a young lady who is not only extremely intelligent intellectually but socially as well. She is a leader amongst her peers. She is also the type of student adults can depend to always do the right thing.

Taydan Jeffers

Alexandria Central High School, Alexandria Bay Taydan enjoys dance because it has taught her to leave all her troubles at the door and it helps her clear her mind. She thinks of her fellow dancers as her family.

Taylor Potenziano

Chenango Valley High School, Binghamton Both in and out of the classroom Taylor is very disciplined in completing all her academic work correctly and thoroughly. She has exemplary study habits. Taylor also balances her difficult course load with coaching swimming to fourth and fifth graders weekly as well as her own involvement in athletics.

Bailey Jordan

North Raleigh Christian Academy, Raleigh Bailey is taking eight classes each day, with one at 7:00 a.m., which is optional to our high school students. Less than 5 percent of the ninth grade students are enrolled in an eighth class. Additionally, Bailey is enrolled in the highest level possible in each of her other seven classes.

Brianna Shobert

North Raleigh Christian Academy, Raleigh On her own initiative, Brianna organized a collection for a family who was experiencing some medical and financial hardships. She organized this among her peers and was able to present a gift to this family.

Emily Haddock

The Epiphany School Of Global Studies, New Bern Emily is always looking for opportunities to expand her intellectual growth and curiosity. Emily applied and was accepted to the United States Naval Academy summer STEM program. This is a highly selective and competitive program.

Gautham Reddy

Davis Drive Middle, Cary He's mature and serious about school and his grades, but can still have a good time. He even handles his rotation as cafeteria cleaner with great care and detail. He takes great pride in making sure his area is neat and clean with a smile on his face.

Hannah Weas

Charles T. Koontz Intermediate, Asheville Hannah has a special gift of athletic ability and she uses that gift to compete on a state level in soccer. (She takes on) the demands of a year-round sport and also maintains A Honor Roll status.

Jack Healy

The Epiphany School Of Global Studies, New Bern When he participated in the Future City project, he went online to find out how the previous winning teams tackled the project in order to better lead his team. Jack views his participation in extra activities, such as Science Olympiad and swimming where he has not attained a first place at the state level, as opportunities to learn and grow.

John Bailey III

North Raleigh Christian Academy, Raleigh John was voted by his peers to be student council representative for three years in a row. He is obviously respected and well-liked by his classmates, and someone his classmates feel responsible to lead them.

Kaitlyn Cornwell

Southeast Middle, Kernersville As a member of the Friends of Rachel Club, she has learned how to show different acts of kindness in everyday life, become a role model, and stand up against bullying.

Kamryn Seymour

North Raleigh Christian Academy, Raleigh Kamryn has been involved in several projects, like the garden for soldiers and repairing homes in the Appalachian Mountains, which have taken her out of her comfort zone to help those in her community who were in need.

Lela French

Charles T. Koontz Intermediate, Asheville Lela has chosen to be selfless and focus her energy on others. She does this while maintaining an excellent work ethic at school. She has taken on leadership roles at the school defining her ability to lead without dominating the process.

Lilly Beaver

Kannapolis Middle, Kannapolis Not only is Lilly a role model simply by her actions, but she also serves as a mentor for third and fourth graders at our local elementary school once a week, and is a dance assistant at her dance studio three hours a week. You can tell that these experiences are important to Lilly as you watch her share her love of learning and dance with younger students.

Lucy Manner

Charles T. Koontz Intermediate, Asheville I have had the unique opportunity to see Lucy during a very difficult time in her life as she watched and loved and supported a very dear friend as she lost her battle with cancer leaving her twin brother, who was also a dear friend. I have seen a maturity beyond words, sadness at its most debilitating, but strength that I don't see in adults.

Natalie Doebler

North Raleigh Christian Academy, Raleigh Natalie is a go-getter. She does not sit back and wait for opportunities to come her. She creates opportunities.

Nathan Smith

North Raleigh Christian Academy, Raleigh Nathan loves learning and takes initiative. He is already putting together a college plan and sets goals.

Shreeya Patel

Charles T. Koontz Intermediate, Asheville She logged in 20+ hours of peer mediation training in order to serve as a peer mediator at our school. I have observed her during a mediation and was very impressed with her maturity and ability to handle her peers without judgment and a strong resolve to help them solve their conflict.

There are no winners from North Dakota at this time.

Anastasia Stowers

St. Albert The Great School, Kettering

Blake Schuette

Antwerp Local Middle School, Antwerp He is willing to work hard and keeps working until he understands a topic. He is not afraid to ask questions and often the questions are good for clarification for the entire group. His work is always done to the best of his ability and neatly too.

Emily Sanders

Antwerp Local Middle School, Antwerp Always ready, willing, and able to assist everyone at any time. Emily does not just give another student answers, but strives to help them understand the problem.

Grace Kolar

St. Rita School, Solon Grace is always willing to help out a peer or teacher. When we recently made blankets for Project Linus, Grace came in early to school to help me finish five blankets. She was the only student who did this. Her assistance was invaluable.

Grace Romig

Heritage Middle School, Painesville Grace always makes sure that everyone in our school feels included. A perfect example of this is when we had an activity where we had our students write Thankfulness Notes. Grace wrote over 100 of them to ensure that every student in the school received one. She has the ability to make everyone that she meets feel special.

Hannah Davidson

Dayton Christian School, Miamisburg Hannah's vocabulary and sentence structures are excellent. She has a very mature command of English grammar and figures of speech. She has received an award for an essay contest.

Isabella Saylor

Ross Middle School, Hamilton Her determination to have her entire female team succeed so well in the First Lego League is something to be admired. Bella is willing to pick up events in Science Olympiad that are challenging and is willing to work with her teammates in competition.

Kelsey Dickey

St. Albert The Great School, Kettering

Matthew Savoy

St. Mary Elementary School, Elyria Matt is one of only three students who enrolled in Latin and Greek classes offered by our Afterschool Educational Enhancement Program. He is the only student taking a daily online (with biweekly instructor meetings) algebra course offered by St. Edward High School. Matt is also in the advanced math class at St. Mary.

Maylee Martin

Heritage Middle School, Painesville Maylee is identified as a gifted student and is enrolled in all honors courses for the past three years at Heritage Middle School. She has also maintained a perfect 4.0 GPA.

Megan Ohlinger

St. Patrick Of Heaterdowns School, Toledo Megan is naturally curious and participates in her classes no matter the topic nor level of difficulty. The idea of something being too challenging would not occur to Megan—she wants to figure things out.

Reilly Fair

Dayton Christian School, Dayton Reilly has consistently taken initiative to organize projects for both student council and NJHS. She has started her own Bible study for junior high girls to teach them how to see themselves as valuable. She has tried new sports out of her comfort areas to stretch herself and she has learned determination and perseverance through them.

Taylin Nichols

Heritage Middle School, Painesville Taylin is identified as a gifted student in our district. Additionally, she is enrolled in all honors courses and maintains a 4.0 GPA.

Carrington Borens

Coweta Intermediate HS, Coweta He has volunteered at his local church and volunteered to spend time with sick children at the local children's hospital. … Carrington has also volunteered in a project involving Red Ribbon Week and helping students understand the importance of being drug free.

Kaylen Storms

Banks Junior High School, Banks Kaylen challenges herself both inside and out of the classroom. She completes work and projects on time and goes above and beyond the basic requirements of her schoolwork. This year, she completed a rigorous project for the science fair and received an honorable mention for her project.

Amado Alvarez-Ocasio

Pennsylvania Cyber CS, Midland

Angelica Graffius

Pennsylvania Cyber CS, Midland Angelica works with the community as a volunteer teaching about the proper handling of rabbits. She does not own these rabbits, but she takes full responsibility of their care. Though she is only 13, she patiently monitors families and children while respectfully teaching them the right way to treat these animals.

Angelina Amador

Pennsylvania Cyber CS, Midland In working at Country Ark Farms, Angelina has helped disabled students with instruction about caring for the animals. She volunteered to be a mentor, exhibiting leadership and patience in helping others.

Aristotle Theofilis

Trinity Christian School, Wilkinsburg

Aubrey Suttelle

Pennsylvania Cyber CS, Midland

Brooklyn Ramer

Pennsylvania Cyber CS, Midland Being in love with the medical field, Brooklyn truly demonstrates the passion of a student who wants to learn about her field early. In doing so, she job shadows with EMTs, she is a junior first responder, and she is currently taking classes at her local community college to obtain her EMT certificate.

Genevieve Feltmeyer

Fort Leboeuf MS, Waterford

Ishra Musa

Pennsylvania Cyber CS, Midland Ishra is a participant of PA Cyber's SHS program: Students Helping Students. She mentors students, tutors, and simply provides friendship to someone in need of support. Ishra is very patient and enjoys helping others.

Jacob Riviere

Trinity Christian School, Wilkinsburg

Jacquelyn Haniwalt

Pennsylvania Cyber CS, Midland Jacquelyn has a helping personality as she is willing to always help those in need from school or the community. She works each week to provide nutritious meals to the homeless within her community.

Jake Buhite

Pennsylvania Cyber CS, Midland Jake currently is in two high classes (maximum allowed) while in middle school. He is currently take Algebra I, in which he has 109.25%, and Introduction to Computer Programming, in which he has a 95.66%.

Jessica Morgan

Pennsylvania Cyber CS, Midland Jessica is well organized and balances her academics and extracurricular activities well. She shows positive self-management by maintaining the care of horses. She is a rider.

Jordan Martinez

Pennsylvania Cyber CS, Midland

Kara Campbell

Wallenpaupack Area MS, Hawley She assists with student council bulletin boards and in organizing or leading student programs, such as schoolwide sporting and "spirit game" events. She also serves enthusiastically as chair of the NJHS recycling committee and leads the production of

Kayla Clare

Pennsylvania Cyber CS, Midland Kayla is constantly taking on challenges to enhance her academic performance. If faced with an obstacle, she succeeds well. Kayla is currently in Reading Olympics, which helps her enhance her reading skills while working with others.

Lyndsay Barca

Pennsylvania Cyber CS, Midland Lyndsay is an extraordinary student having already recovered two credits towards high school during her seventh grade year and is currently working on two more high school classes during her eighth grade year, managing a 4.0 overall. She seeks out challenges and is always eager to learn.

Madalyn Agate

Trinity Christian School, Wilkinsburg

Megan Wilson

Pennsylvania Cyber CS, Midland Megan is a straight A student and she is a pleasure to have in class. She is always taking the lead within her academics and classroom setting. She is always willing to help others lead as well.

Nathan Mavrich

Pennsylvania Cyber CS, Midland Nathan takes the initiative with any task given. At the last minute he was asked to conduct an NJHS monthly webinar. Within less than a week, he put together a webinar to present to the students about updates for NJHS and current events within the world. He did an awesome job engaging the students, and his presentation was very creative.

Noel Sharpe

Pennsylvania Cyber CS, Midland Noel genuinely cares about helping others and giving back to his community. He believes in creating the smallest changes to have a big effect on people within his community. For instance, he cuts his neighbors grass on a consistent basis and mentions the awe he experiences when they simply show gratitude.

Sarah Brandon

Pennsylvania Cyber CS, Midland Sarah is an ambassador for a fundraising committee. She was the former officer for a club as well as a refreshment organization officer. Currently, she is a part of the Fun Show committee, Farm Show grounds annual clean up crew, and set-up committee for PaSRBA, the Butler County Rabbit Show, and Butler Farm Show.

Sarah Handley

Trinity Christian School, Wilkinsburg

Seth Brown

Wallenpaupack Area MS, Hawley He has assisted the middle school computer coordinator in setting up computer labs correctly, and he takes pride in making sure the equipment is treated respectfully.

Shaun O'Hern

Pennsylvania Cyber CS, Midland

Victoria Bilyk-Seguine

Pennsylvania Cyber CS, Midland Victoria cares about the environment within her community deeply. A few times a week, Victoria and her grandfather go out to find recyclable items. They dispose of these items properly, making her community more green and cleaner. She has been doing this for about four years.

Wesley Buhite

Pennsylvania Cyber CS, Midland

There are no winners from Rhode Island at this time.

Ameen Khan

Thomas Cario Middle School, Mount Pleasant For four years, Ameen has worked with nonprofit organizations to feed the homeless, donate food to children on the free and reduced price meal program, and donate school supplies and backpacks to the needy.

Cara Johnson

Thomas C. Cario Middle, Mt Pleasant

Iona Chalk

Thomas C. Cario Middle, Mt Pleasant For three years as a leader for Pinckney Elementary Art Camp, Iona has assisted the art teacher with 25 children—helping with snack time, mentoring children, and helping with art mediums: painting, charcoal, and pottery.

Mabrey Kolb

Riverview Charter School, Beaufort Mabrey goes above and beyond what is expected of most students. She chose to take the PSAT exam for the experience and was then awarded as a South Carolina Junior Scholar

Margaret Kinton

Riverview Charter School, Beaufort Her work has been chosen twice in the annual River Of Words exhibit, which is a district-wide compilation of student poetry and art.

Merritt Redden

Thomas C. Cario Middle, Mt Pleasant She competes in art shows and spends 10-plus hours per week working on projects.

Noah Choi

Thomas C. Cario Middle, Mt Pleasant As a trombone player for the Cario Middle School band, Noah has competed in national and regional competitions.

Brianna Frankenstein

Redfield High School - 01, Redfield

Drew Masat

Redfield Jr. High - 02, Redfield Drew volunteers at church to help serve suppers throughout the year, as well as help make items for donations to families, such as blankets.

Georgia Kuehn

Redfield Jr. High - 02, Redfield

Hannah Kuehn

Redfield Jr. High - 02, Redfield

Kaleb Schutte

Redfield Jr. High - 02, Redfield Kaleb is a church volunteer who participates in numerous activities such as

Cody Wilhite

Lenoir City Middle School, Lenoir City Cody is constantly working with the Positive Peer Pressure group at Lenoir City Middle School (LCMS). This group strives to better our school and our community. Cody has been a member for three years and has contributed many great ideas and hard-working service hours to help create a positive environment at LCMS.

Colby Clark

Lenoir City Middle School, Lenoir City The Homecoming candidates were required to complete community service hours in order to participate in the Homecoming Court. Colby went above and beyond what was expected. He was in the top three totals for community service hours.

Abigail Driskill

St. Gregory The Great School, San Antonio Abbi consistently challenges herself to achieve high honors. Her commitment to her academics is exemplary. She maintains one of the highest GPAs in her class while participating in athletics and cheerleading. She is an ambassador for our school and truly understands the importance of academics in achieving her life's goals.

Alexandria Husen

Graham J H, Graham Alexandria has used her leadership positions to change the organization of NJHS into being very active. The organization is student led and Alexandria has been the one on the front lines. She has been the one encouraging and making sure activities are being designed and accomplished.

Andrea Paqueno

Horizon Montessori Public School, McAllen

Anesa Abraham

Murphy Middle School, Murphy Anesa works 12 hours a week at the local library helping children read, do crafts, and choose books.

Benjamin Perry

Trinity Christian Academy, San Antonio Ben has remarkable determination, focus, and maturity. He is extremely intelligent and excels in all areas.

Blake Brawner

Covenant School, Dallas Blake is a diligent student. He is extremely studious and is a very deep thinker.

Bryson Dean

Aledo Middle School, Aledo Bryson has been a part of the First Lego League Robotics team for four years. His team qualified to participate in the World Championship Festival held in St. Louis in April 2016.

Cailynn Beane

Commerce Middle School, Commerce Cailynn is a very conscientious student. She is active in school athletics, plays on a select volleyball team, and is involved in a dance company. Cailynn is a leader who leads by example. Cailynn loves working with younger children. She is in the top 5 percent of her class.

Caleb Holloway

Pilot Point Selz Middle, Pilot Point He has a soft spot for younger kids and is very protective of them. On the other side, he not only respects his elders, but is always helping out those in need. He is not afraid to help a grandma cross the street, even if she isn't his own.

Catie Faubel

Timberview Middle School, Ft Worth Above many things Catie values others. Their rights, needs, and reputations are very important to her. She also is always willing to stand up for what is right. No bullying, harassment, or violence is ever found okay in her mind.

Charis King

Gloria Deo Academy, Bulverde She is an Odyssey Leader at her church, leading kindergarten classes on Sundays.

Chava Swart

Jackson Middle, San Antonio As vice president of the National Conference of Synagogue Youth, Chava planned Shabbatons, which are overnight trips during Sabbath to interact with other Jewish kids.

Darby Durbin

Summer Creek MS, Crowley Darby tutored a younger student as part of a literacy program for an entire year.

Ebony Smith

Arbor Creek Middle School, Carrollton Ebony is in all advanced classes. When given the option between library aide or taking a high school oral reading and communications class, she chose the high school class. She is consistently pushing herself.

Elijah Young

Pilot Point Selz Middle, Pilot Point Elijah was moved up a grade due to his academic performance, therefore he is actually younger than all of his classmates. Although he is younger, Elijah has easily managed to stay at the top of his class.

Elizabeth Chu

Bracken Christian School, Bulverde Elizabeth actively participates in Bracken Christian School’s SALT (Servants and Leaders Together) program. This program matches up high school students with elementary students in an effort to provide mentoring and a good Christian example to the younger students. Elizabeth works well with the younger students, and her gentle demeanor has a calming effect on the elementary students.

Emily Miller

Gloria Deo Academy, Bulverde

Emily Holmes

Big Sandy Junior High School, Big Sandy Emily has spent many hours volunteering in a residential facility for students with severe disabilities. She has done this completely on her own without any school affiliation. She is passionate about spending time with these students and is willing to help with them any way she is allowed.

Emma Shamon

Jackson Middle, San Antonio Emma is a part of PAL (Peer Assistance Leadership), where she mentors two students and meets with them once week. Together, they discuss what makes healthy, long lasting

Greyson Matte

First Baptist Academy, Houston

Hailey Doughtery

Glen Rose J H, Glen Rose Hailey visits the local nursing home residents and has a few people that ask for her when the school visits. She helps paint fingernails or whatever the residents want to do.

Hailey Anders

Timberview Middle School, Fort Worth Hailey partakes in competitive dance, art, and theatre. Since these activities take up quite a bit of time, Hailey has learned time management and how to keep her priorities straight. She believes that school comes before anything else.

Hallie King

West Middle, West In working with Hallie for the last few years on her Impromptu Speaking event, her motivation to do her best led to her practicing on her own, teaching other competitors from our school, and assisting with the planning of the school’s own practices.

Hannah Fritsche

First Baptist Academy, Houston

Isabella Haen

Murphy Middle School, Murphy Isabella has several students "under her wing" that she tutors every Wednesday. She makes sure they understand the material and are prepared for tests and quizzes. She won't leave them unless they completely understand.

Jaimie Schubert

Timberview Middle School, Fort Worth She doesn't let others criticism effect who she is as a person and uses compliments as personality boosters.

James Alexander

Summer Creek Middle School, Crowley

Jaylon Shoots

Summer Creek Middle School, Crowley

Jordyn Hayley

Bayside Intermediate, League City Jordyn is constantly involved in mentoring to other students, be it academic, in a leadership capacity, or help in navigating the many social perils of middle school. She is highly intelligent and extremely conscientious about her academics; however she is unassuming, gracious, and highly approachable.

Julia Aristotelidis

Mt. Sacred Heart School, San Antonio Julia is currently the co-captain of the cheerleading squad. Her peers respect and admire her as do her sponsors and coaches. Julia is also the first one in class to speak up when something needs to be addressed or corrected.

Julia Mahavier

Mt. Sacred Heart School, San Antonio She cares deeply for her classmates and takes the time to build community at all times. Julia is particularly compassionate when new students enter the middle school. She

Kate Espiritu

Summer Creek Middle School, Crowley

Katie Parker

Big Sandy Junior High School, Big Sandy Katie works hard to continue her learning in and out of school. She has helped out many times in community organizations, such as the Love Big Sandy project and helping with church fall festivals.

Kenslee Kucera

West Middle, West

Lizbeth Perez

James Bowie Middle School, Richmond At the Fort Bend county Women's Shelter Food Drive, which Lizbeth organized and ran, I witnessed Lizbeth doing something incredibly touching. She personally made two piñatas and gave them to the children at the shelter so they could have fun and enjoyment right before the holiday. She also spoke with them about her Hispanic heritage, which was impressive. The children at the shelter wrote her thank you cards and loved the interaction with her. She sure had a bunch of fans.

Madison Gerik

West Middle, West Madison is an outstanding example of how hard work and determination can motivate one to achieve great accomplishments. Being dyslexic herself, she is always understanding and aware of others who are struggling.

Maggie Nava

St. Gregory The Great School, San Antonio Maggie was assigned a student who not only needed academic assistance but was also in need of a mentor. Maggie has been successful at both. She works diligently with this student and is always positive and tuned to the student's needs.

McKenzie Martinez

Boyd Middle School, Boyd

McKenzie Duke

Jackson Middle, San Antonio McKenzie is part of the PAL program at her school. She is paired with a couple of sixth grade students who struggle to make friendships in the school setting. McKenzie meets with her pal once a week and discusses several ideas and approaches on how to make strong healthy friendships in school.

Melanie Byrd

Boyd Middle School, Boyd Melanie Byrd is an outstanding and talented student at Boyd Middle School. She is fair-minded; uses common sense; and has a diligent, hard work ethic.

Michael Pedroza

Summer Creek Middle School, Crowley

Michelle Zheng

Alief Middle School, Houston During the spring and fall seasons, Michelle volunteers with Plant It Forward to help refugees farmers from Congo and Ethiopia who were displaced from their native countries. She personally hand writes thank you notes to staff and board members who create, build, and implement ideas for the betterment of students.

Monserrat Luna

Jackson Middle, San Antonio

Nikita Sangani

Trent Internationale School, Sugar Land She volunteers to go to events that promote the school and will talk to future students. She makes suggestions for service projects as well as field trips.

Nitya Lohia

Murphy Middle School, Murphy Nitya participates in our Homework Hotspot tutoring sixth, seventh, and eighth graders in all four core subjects. In addition, she works specifically with math as part of the Math Counts team.

Paola Villarreal

Horizon Montessori Public School, McAllen Paola participated in a fundraising drive during field day to help people in Japan who suffered in a tsunami and another drive to support an aquarium in South Padre Island.

Raishma Kazi

Murphy Middle School, Murphy Raishma represents her peers in student council and NJHS. In addition, she is the lone student representative on the SBIC (Site Based Improvement Committee), comprised of adults—teachers, administrators, and community representatives—which works towards the goals of the school and its accountability to the state. She does an incredible job advocating for the students.

Reese Echnols

Graham J H, Graham

Sadi Wilson

Boyd Middle School, Boyd Sadi is a very positive person for whom learning does not come easy, but she works extremely hard to make and maintain good grades. She is regarded highly by her classmates and teachers.

Samantha Huerta

Horizon Montessori Public School, McAllen

Samantha Miller

Jackson Middle, San Antonio

Scott Walker

Murphy Middle School, Murphy For the past two years, Scott has been tutoring teens and children who are English Language Learners. When his adopted brother came to his family at the age of five, he didn't know any English. After seeing firsthand how hard it is to learn a language, Scott has developed a passion for helping others learn English.

Serena Shabout

Timberview Middle School, Fort Worth Anytime Serena is in a group she takes on the leadership role. She makes sure that everyone has done his or her part. If the group has a question, she gets the answers for them. If someone needs a pencil, Serena provides it for him or her. She also volunteers at Special Olympics during basketball season.

Shreya Mehta

The Village School, Houston When the school was looking for students to organize and facilitate a kindness effort, they selected Shreya as a student to work with her peers to make the school a more gentle place to study. She was one of the original members of the "Kindness Krew." This was a selection made by her teachers.

Sofia Johnson

Corinth Classical Academy, Corinth Sofia is a wonderful student who is self-motivated in her studies. When she encounters difficulty, she is the one to seek help. She often mediates situations between different students. She is well liked and looked up to in her grade.

Sophia Li

Murphy Middle School, Murphy Sophia focuses on others—her nonprofit organization is centered on the elderly, and the service projects she chooses to participate in and spearhead are all centered on other people or the environment.

Stormie Phillips

Boyd Middle School, Boyd

Sutton Finney

Clifton Middle School, Clifton

Sydney Trieu

Murphy Middle School, Murphy Sydney is a gifted artist who will succeed not only in the classroom in her all honors classes, but also in the artistic world.

Taylor Kaluza

West Middle, West When Taylor is involved in an organization, she is "all in" and participates in all the group's activities. For example, with Builders Club, she did the Kiwanis Pancake Supper charity event, assisted with Toys for Tots, and collected can tabs to donate for the Ronald

Taylor Plaisance

Big Sandy Junior High School, Big Sandy Through Lone Star Leadership Alumni Council, Taylor completed leadership training online and planned and implemented a service project "Mitts for Kids," which provided over 500 pairs of mittens/gloves to area children.

Trinati Montes

West Middle, West Trinati even assisted at WMS student/parent registration because she is so outgoing that it always makes other students feel welcome. She helped the incoming WMS students transition from grade 5 to 6 by leading a tour group when they came to WMS last year for orientation day.

Tristan Chandler

Cornerstone Christian Schools, San Antonio Tristan shows exceptional academic integrity and responsibility. During midterm testing week, he was in the hospital for a medical emergency until 2:30 a.m. He was offered the option of not taking his midterms the following morning and taking a make-up exam. He did not want to miss his exams and chose to attend school and complete them as scheduled. He excelled, even with this adversity, and made a 100 and a 98 on those exams. This showed great personal responsibility and set an example for his fellow students to follow.

Victoria Salazar

St. Gregory The Great School, San Antonio Victoria works very hard organizing our canned food drive for the poor in our community. She creates schedules and follows through to make sure volunteers are available to assist in the food collection. She has streamlined the drop off process and made the drives very successful.

Alexandria Fuller

Mountain Heights Academy, West Jordan

Damien Murbach

Mountain Heights Academy, West Jordan

Kate Larson

Mountain Heights Academy, West Jordan

Kristina Watson

Mountain Heights Academy, West Jordan

Melanie Spence

Mountain Heights Academy, West Jordan

Saydi Van Dyke

Mountain Heights Academy, West Jordan

There are no winners from Vermont at this time.

Aaliyah McClary

Princess Anne Middle, Virginia Beach She willingly devotes her time and talent to be a part of something positive that can help others or raise awareness about a community need. She will be taking part in the "Trashion Fashion Show" for the Lynnhaven River Now project.

Abigail Stern

Floyd T. Binns Middle, Culpeper Abigail always volunteers her time to work with many areas that reflect community awareness. She participates in programs for SAFE and Angel Trees. She brings these programs to the school to educate the students about their importance.

Alana Gill

Princess Anne Middle, Virginia Beach Alana was put in charge of organizing the logistics of the "Soup-er" Bowl of Caring food drive to benefit the VBCPS Beach Bags program to help children in homes with food insecurity issues.

Anastasia "Stacey" Appelt

Floyd T. Binns Middle, Culpeper Stacey has participated in several writing competitions and has had a poem recently published in a book titled Where the Minds Dwell.

Asa Iem

Edward E. Drew Jr. Middle School, Stafford Asa is the winner of the Edward E. Drew Jr. Middle School Spelling Bee for three consecutive years and the 2016 winner of the school’s Geography Bee. He is also a member of the Model UN team.

Caroline Gross

Central Academy Middle School, Fincastle Caroline is committed to helping with animals in her community. She not only consoles them but also does the dirtier job of cleaning up after them.

Christina Roulley

Princess Anne Middle, Virginia Beach Christina enjoys donating her time through her church youth group to help the homeless at the Virginia Beach oceanfront. The group creates bag lunches (150+) to be distributed to needy people. She wrote, "It has taught me to never take any part of my life for granted because one day that might be my family on the street."

Delassie Tamakloe

Princess Anne Middle, Virginia Beach Delassie says, "Volunteering with 1hope4haiti is the most significant activity to me. The organization helps provide basic education to children in Haiti...When I tell people about the children, hand out fliers, or design posters to gain support, it means a lot to me to know that I'm doing something to help the children and make a difference."

Emma Manger

St John The Apostle Catholic School Virginia Beach~By being a Girl Scout for over nine years, Emma has had numerous opportunities to display her leadership skills and be a positive influence in her community. She has learned citizenship through service projects, earned the Bronze Award, and is working toward earning the Silver Award as well., undefined

Evy Leibfarth

K12 International Academy, Herndon

Grace Bozeman

Princess Anne Middle, Virginia Beach The academic accomplishment that she is most proud of is her science project for the science fair in seventh grade. The project was very complex and took a very long time and a lot of research. It won first place.

Jeremy (Ty) Rowland

K12 International Academy, Herndon Ty explains: “I began my community service involvement when I was six years old. I was very sick when I was little, so I spent long periods of time in Children’s Hospital. When I recovered, I made the decision that I needed to do something to give back to all of the people who fought so hard to make me healthy. I used my birthday as a tool to gain donations. In place of presents, I asked friends and loved ones to make a donation to the hospital. Each year the birthday idea has grown. I use the birthday money from my parents to purchase radio ads. I invite listeners to call a designated number and wish me a happy birthday. Each call that comes in is a pledge for a donation. I have used this project to gain donations and supplies for Children’s Hospital, Special Olympics, Wounded Warrior Project, local animal shelters, local missions, and local veterans. One of my proudest moments was when I saw other kids creating birthday projects for charity.

Kaitlyn Snider

Princess Anne Middle, Virginia Beach When her Latin teacher was out on maternity leave, the teacher could not find a Latin-speaking teacher to fill in for her. Kaitlyn and her friend told the teacher they would be happy to help out the new teacher. So, each day they would go to the exploratory class, a nine-week elective class for sixth graders, during study hall and help teach the Latin basics. She learned many leadership and academic skills while volunteering in this class.

Kevin Austin

Central Academy Middle School, Fincastle When someone is in need, whether it is in the community or in his school, Kevin has taken the initiative to step up and help out.

Kevin Theimer

Central Academy Middle School, Fincastle Volunteering at the stockyard shows respect for the physical property of the community because this is an important place for the farmers in our community. Volunteering on his family farms also has taught him respect for the land on which we live.

Lauren Fox

Central Academy Middle School, Fincastle She seems to have a plan for her life and what she wants to do in the future. She wants to involve music in her career.

Leanna O'Driscoll

Gunston Middle, Arlington Leanna is a fabulous student with unlimited potential. She is self-motivated and always strives to represent the best that Gunston Middle School has to offer. As an NJHS leader, she is dedicated and an exceptional role model to our other members.

Mary Peterson

Princess Anne Middle, Virginia Beach Every day during her lunch and study hall, Mary volunteers as a mentor/tutor to beginning band students in the clarinet section. She also tutors peers in algebra and Spanish on an as-needed basis.

Matthew Baker

Floyd T. Binns Middle, Culpeper Matthew is already planning his future career. He enjoys technology and he has been looking into programs that help him with cyber safety and communications.

Meghan Dreany

Holy Cross Academy, Fredericksburg There simply is no other student in our school that manages as many activities with grace and determination. … Her schedule—being a competitive athlete (field hockey) ballerina, singer, actress, and top of her class academically—suggests that she has an enviable amount of positive self-management.

Mia Hagood

Trailside Middle School, Ashburn Mia is not afraid to look at problems from a different angle. She will speak up in class when students are speaking negatively about the school. … The students returned from an assembly and were complaining about a school plan that had just been unveiled. Mia turned the conversation around, pointing out another side to the story the students had not looked at. The classroom went from negative to positive!

Morgyn Moxey

Princess Anne Middle, Virginia Beach Morgyn assists the student activities coordinator at Kellam High School with various jobs including selling concessions or assisting referees at games.

Naheda Nassan

St. John The Apostle Catholic School, Virginia Beach When she was asked to be the director for "Normile's Race for the Fallen 5K" she took that huge task on and didn't look back. She planned and executed the race that has 900 participants and benefits the Wounded Warriors project (which is important in our military community) and honors the memory of two of her teacher's deceased children.

Rhys Nagel

St. John The Apostle Catholic School, Virginia Beach As captain of the school basketball team, Rhys leads teammates in drills and game management, teaches them how to lose graciously, and how to push one’s self to improving his skill level.

Sophia Wu

Gunston Middle, Arlington There is no limit to what Sophia can do. She always wants to learn more, to correct her mistakes, and to do her best. She is interested in learning for learning's sake, not only for the grade that she will receive.

Olivia DiAcetis

Tolt Middle School, Carnation Olivia strives for perfection. She is always continually improving her quality of work, even when it has been finished or graded. She is a lifelong learner.

Sandra Crook

Goldendale Middle School, Goldendale Sandra volunteers regularly with mentally handicapped adults in our community. She helps out with their activities. She puts in more volunteer hours than any other student in our school.

Emily Rexroad

Hamilton Junior High School, Parkersburg As co-chair of the Kindness Committee, Emily has devised new programs for this year, including an empathy program called "Walk In Their Shoes," where recommended at-risk students will shadow NJHS students for a day.

Aubry Hassemer

Mishicot Middle, Mishicot

Dakota Krieser

Mishicot Middle, Mishicot

Madelyn Willems

Mishicot Middle, Mishicot

Megan Rusk

Pilgrim Park Middle School, Elm Grove She volunteers to help seventh and sixth graders during the after-school Homework Club. She is assertive and very valuable as a support to the teacher.

Savannah Siders

Mishicot Middle, Mishicot

Stephanie Bressler

Mishicot Middle, Mishicot

There are no winners from Wyoming at this time.

District of Columbia

Cierra Townsend

Howard University Middle School Of Math And Science, Washington

Erin Sanchez

Howard University Middle School Of Math And Science, Washington

Garrison Graham

Howard University Middle School Of Math And Science, Washington

Jonma Mclean

Howard University Middle School Of Math And Science, Washington

Kaya Ugorji

Howard University Middle School Of Math And Science, Washington Kaya is a dynamic student who works extremely hard. Her support system is amazing by providing her with the tools while making her responsible for her success. Kaya is quiet and dedicated to her studies.

Kiyari Jaundoo

Howard University Middle School Of Math And Science, Washington

La'rissa Dunn

Howard University Middle School Of Math And Science, Washington

Mercedes Larrazabal

Howard University Middle School Of Math And Science, Washington

Nakaiya Harper

Howard University Middle School Of Math And Science, Washington

Rania Johnson

Howard University Middle School Of Math And Science, Washington Raina is an avid reader, which makes her an amazing writer. She takes her time and is very expressive. She likes to share her thoughts and ideas. One of Raina's strengths is her imagination and free spirit. It allows her writing to have a fresh feel and drives her to push towards excellence in her writing.

Ryan Battle

Howard University Middle School Of Math And Scienc, Washington


Asia Williams

Kaiserslautern Middle School, U.S. Armed Forces, Europe Asia took it upon herself to give 100 compliments in a day. She was genuine and kind throughout the process. She addressed students and adults alike.

Katelyn Hackworth

Matthew C Perry High School, U.S. Armed Forces, Pacific Katelyn has grown up on Marine bases. One of the core values taught is respect for others. This includes property that belongs to others. The population on our base is very diverse, which brings with it a large variety of beliefs and activities. Katelyn's respect toward others is a great example for other students.

Ashley Park

Camp Humphreys American Elementary School, U.S. Armed Forces, Pacific She is the first to volunteer to be a tutor. We have a program set up to assist elementary

Frances Castro

Camp Humphreys American Elementary School, U.S. Armed Forces, Pacific Frances is a stellar student and one whom I can always count on. She is very polite and engaging and always follows through on tasks. She is more quiet than others, but I believe that is because she takes the time to listen to those around her.

Janelle Villanueva

Matthew C Perry High School, U.S. Armed Forces, Pacific Growing up on a Marine base teaches respect for others as well as what belongs to others. Janelle's entire family and their values build on her respect for intellectual and physical property of the community. She is a wonderful member of the community and

Natalie Cornwall

Camp Humphreys American Elementary School, U.S. Armed Forces, Pacific Natalie is an exceptional young woman who is trustworthy because she follows through with her tasks. She does not need prompting, in fact, she is a go-getter who anticipates and plans in advance. She is detailed-oriented, and I know when she takes on a project, she will see it through to completion.

Maisie Liu

Shanghai Community International School Middle Level, Shanghai, China Maisie explains, “If others say bad things about me, I wouldn't care because no matter what they say, I'm me, I am myself. They can't change who I am or what I do. It is all my own decision. If people give me suggestions on how I could be a better person, I would listen and learn.”

Rebeca Sesin

Country Day Middle School, Costa Rica Her grades are always in the 90s and 100s as her average of 98.4 on a 100 scale shows.

Maria Gonzalez

Carol Morgan Middle School, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic Maria has spent more than 100 hours of community service working with teen moms, taking care of their children so the moms can study and learn technical skills.

Cecilia Figueroa

Saint John's School, San Juan, Puerto Rico Cecilia is a careful writer, always striving for excellence in written expression. She has a rich vocabulary, and a wealth of compelling ideas that are always well structured and organized in her writing. She shows great promise as a writer.

Mustafa Elahi

Karachi American School, Karachi Mustafa is always looking for a challenge. His acceptance to the Johns Hopkins Talented Youth Summer Program is just one example of his desire for furthering his education. He is a voracious reader with the classics and books for the college-bound student part of his reading list.

Reyna Adam

Karachi American School, Karachi Reyna is always giving her work 100 percent. She manages her time to include not only her studies, but also her community service work and sports. She has received many academic, music, and sports awards. Reyna researches far beyond what is required by the assignment given.

Silvia Guidi

Karachi American School , Karachi Students have been overheard telling others to go to Silvia if they need help. "She'll explain how to get the answer." She instructs, does not give away answers, but teaches others how to do the work so they can succeed on their own. She is patient but firm and will not accept excuses for not showing up for help, making the students realize that they are responsible for their own success.