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More Than an Honor Roll

You’ve heard that the National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) can help you recognize your highest-achieving middle level students—but did you know it also builds the very foundation for outstanding scholarship, service, leadership, character, and citizenship?

Through exclusive tools and resources, an NJHS chapter can help your leaders create—and exceed—their goals as a student and as an active member of society.


NJHS Outstanding Achievement Award

Because it’s never too early to start planning for higher education, NJHS presents this award to 500 middle level members annually. Each recipient is recognized with a $500 award placed in a college savings account program-managed by Oppenheimer Funds (OFI Private Investments) as part of the New Mexico Education Trust Board’s 529 college savings plan: The Education Plan.

Service Mindset and Action

Individual, chapter, and schoolwide service projects are what NJHS students are known for. That’s why members get unlimited access to service planning templates and resources, including nearly 10,000 project ideas in the National Student Project Database. This creates a “give back” mindset and weaves continued service into the everyday of a learning community.

College and Career Readiness Webinar Series

Live and on-demand webinars on the college admission planning process give student members and their parents access to valuable advice directly from admissions experts, allowing them to get a jump-start on next steps in their academic journey.
  • "NJHS helps students to be more selfless as they focus on helping others and being a blessing to others than themselves. NJHS also helps students to engage with each other, build character and friendships and become great leaders."

    Sophia Mclean-Haliday,
    NJHS Adviser
Start an NJHS chapter now through April 30, 2021, using code WMLD21 and get an extended membership through June 30, 2022!
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