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NASSP hereby grants a nonexclusive, limited permission to websites to place a text-only link to the NASSP website containing the exact words “National Association of Secondary School Principals” or our domain name ( according to the following guidelines:

  • NASSP does not promote or endorse any third party’s causes, ideas, political campaigns, websites, products, or services and strictly prohibits any suggestion of endorsement.
  • You may not use NASSP copyrighted information or NASSP’s logo, trademarks, or service marks, without the express written consent of NASSP. Permission to use NASSP-owned material can be obtained from the Copyright Clearance Center ( and permission to use our logos, trademarks, and service marks is granted through special arrangement.
  • NASSP does not allow framing of its website. When a site designed in frames opens a link to the NASSP site, should open in a new web browser window rather than displaying the pages in a frame of the linking site’s web template.
  • No links are allowed from advertising or marketing pages of companies.
  • We recommend the following language when a brief description of NASSP accompanies the link:

Since 1916, the National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP) is the preeminent organization of and national voice for  principals, assistant principals, and aspiring school leaders from across the United States and more than 35 countries around the world. The mission of NASSP is to promote excellence in middle level and high school leadership. NASSP also promotes the intellectual growth, academic achievement, character and leadership development, and physical well-being of youth. NASSP is proud to have founded and to administer the National Honor SocietyTM (NHS), the National Junior Honor SocietyTM (NJHS), the National Elementary Honor SocietyTM (NEHS),  and National Student CouncilTM (NatStuCo).

Links to Third-Party Sites

The NASSP website contains links and pointers to other internet sites, resources, and sponsors. A link to a third-party site does not constitute an endorsement by NASSP or any of their subsidiaries or affiliates of any third-party resources or their contents. NASSP disclaims any and all responsibility for content contained in any third party materials provided through links from the NASSP site. As a general policy, NASSP does not engage in reciprocal linking—trading links with other websites to increase visibility on the web. NASSP reserves the right to withdraw permission for any link at any time and to add, modify, and delete these guidelines at any time without recourse.

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