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“Five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes. How do you measure—measure a year?”

Broadway fans will recognize the opening lines from the beloved “Rent” anthem. With this final issue of the 2020–21 academic year, I can’t believe how a year measures the same 525,600 minutes but can feel so different season to season.

Advisers are used to seasons of change. Our cover feature celebrates transitions with tips from veteran advisers about embracing change and helping students make moves—from middle level to high school and high school to life beyond—plus suggestions for how to deal with change as a constant motion.

With change comes the need to prioritize wellness to keep anxieties down and positivity high. Amy M. Daniel, an eighth grade history teacher and student activities director, shares how she puts social-emotional learning front and center. Our student-written piece, “Planting Seeds of Positivity,” shares how to build community through social media and grateful hearts.

Each year, we measure how many pounds of food student leaders across the country collect to feed the hungry. Our feature “Higher Test Scores? It’s a SNAP” from partner No Kid Hungry highlights a new study that shows how solving our nation’s hunger issue, especially for children, will lead to academic excellence. Thank you, advisers, for supporting awareness about hunger and other community needs with your student leaders.

So how do you measure a year? Songwriter Jonathan Larson says:

“How about love?

Measure in love…

Seasons of love.”

Have a fun and loving summer, advisers.

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Nara Lee
Director, NASSP Student Leadership

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