NJHS Checklist for New Advisers and Chapters


New Adviser and Chapter Checklist: The following checklist can help you as a new adviser manage your chapter smoothly throughout the year. View it below or download it to use throughout the year.

LOGIN – Use the login credentials in the confirmation email to login to the Adviser Resource Center here.

CREATE YOUR BYLAWS – We’ve made a template for you here. Simply edit the blue font and you’re done!

BUILD A TEAM – Your chapter must have a 5-member faculty council (you are the 6th non-voting member). Your principal needs to appoint this council (but cannot be on the council). This faculty council is responsible for the selection of student members to your chapter.

POST YOUR PROCEDURE – Use this template to publish your selection process on the school website, newsletter or other school publication. Simply edit the blue font, post and you’re done!

SELECT STUDENT MEMBERS – Here is a step-by-step guide (scroll down, on the left hand side, in blue, there are 8 steps!) for choosing members. Members will be selected by a majority vote of your faculty council. This is what it means to be a member.

PLAN AN INDUCTION CEREMONY – This is the best part! Have an in-person or virtual induction ceremony to welcome students. We’ve got lots of tips and tricks. Need a ceremony script? Need an invitation or welcome letter to send home? Need a slide deck template? It’s all here.

SCHEDULE MEETINGS – Time to Rock and Roll. Set up a meeting cadence with your students. You could meet weekly, monthly, or quarterly to check-in with kids, talk about their academic progress, help them choose service activities and collaborate with one another. Here are some meeting ideas!

ELECT OFFICERS [NOT MANDATORY] – Elected by the student membership, officers help students develop leadership skills and can be tasked with some chapter management activities to help ease your burden! Here’s how to elect them.

PLAN A SERVICE PROJECT – All chapters must engage in one group service project, and track their hours. Not sure what to do? Ask yourself these 12 questions OR take a look at all these awesome examples.

PLAN INDIVIDUAL PROJECTS – Each individual member must complete service hours. Hours, types of projects and tracking hours should be in your bylaws. Here is a tracking form or create a Google form for members to fill out.


PURCHASE [NOT MANDATORY] – Check out these items that you may want to purchase for students in your chapter including honor stoles for graduation, certificate cards, membership cards and more.

SHARE YOUR STORIES – We’re on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! Launch social media for your chapter, share your great service stories, let students support your efforts and have fun sharing the greatness of your chapter.

FINALLY – One date to keep in mind is June 30th! Your chapter membership expires each year. Renew here to stay up to date and keep your chapter in good standing.

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