Appeals of Nonselection

Local chapters are encouraged to develop their own appeals process for handling cases of nonselection. (Some states or districts may have laws or policies that govern appeal matters. Check with your principal to find out if this is the case for your school.)

In creating your process, consider the following options:

  • Include a statute of limitations. Require that appeals be submitted to the chapter adviser within a specified period of time. (One week to 30 days is customary.)
  • If your state or district does not have rules governing record retention, you may wish to notify candidates that all records from this round of selection will be destroyed within a specified period of time. (New York and Texas, in particular, have laws that govern record retention.)
  • If you reconsider candidates, you may wish to use one of these approaches:
    • A review by the chapter adviser of the faculty council’s summary notes from the selection meeting (Note: The adviser makes no decisions concerning the selection/nonselection of a student for membership.)
    • A resubmission of the student’s information to the faculty council for reconsideration
    • Submission of all relevant information to the principal who consults with the faculty council and/or adviser regarding the decision
  • The principal has the final say regarding appeals for nonselection at the school level.

To reduce the chances nonselected students seek an appeal, some chapters include the area of deficiency in the nonselection letter presented to the students.

Some states do have laws, notably New Jersey, which require that chapters identify the criteria that were the basis for nonselection. Your principal may be able to explain if your district or state has any policies related to this matter.