2020 Winner

Nicole Elmore

River Heights Intermediate School
Eastvale, CA

Nicole Elmore has served as a National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) adviser for seven years and founded the NJHS chapter at River Heights Intermediate School three years ago. Whether it’s through being selected for the Teacher of the Year Award or her Volunteer of the Year recognition, it is evident that she’s made a lasting impact on her students and staff.

Principal Teri Dudley describes her as “a truly exemplary teacher and advisor, demonstrating not just exceptional knowledge, but a genuine passion for promoting leadership opportunities for adolescent students.”

Her NJHS members echo those sentiments in their recommendation as well. “Ms. Elmore is an inspiration to all for her astounding ways of meticulously balancing her career and college life. Her aspirations of becoming the best version of herself sets her apart from the many other applicants of the Rynearson Adviser of the Year Award and is an epitome of devotion.”

In addition to leading chapter members in numerous service activities, including food and blood drives and a tutoring program for kindergarten students, she has personally assisted over 100 NJHS members in applying for and receiving the NJHS Outstanding Achievement Award. She writes thoughtful recommendations for each applicant, and it is clear that she is truly committed to the success of each student and their development as student leaders.

“Michael Jr. once stated, ‘When you know your why, your what becomes more impactful because you’re walking toward or in your purpose,’” said Ms. Elmore. “My why is to guide my chapter members to realize their potential. I challenge my members to set goals and achieve them. I challenge them to think critically. I challenge them to be agents of change. I challenge them to be the best possible versions of themselves. I challenge them, and they never cease to amaze me by always rising to the occasion.

“I love being an adviser for NJHS because I have the honor of helping my members develop confidence, character, compassion, and grit. I expect nothing less than greatness from them. My kids are going to change the world one day. I believe it. I believe in them. In turn, they believe it, too.”

Congratulations again to Ms. Elmore from NJHS and NASSP!

Watch Nicole Elmore’s virtual award ceremony here.

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