Filing a Complaint

While the National Junior Honor Society national office cannot hear appeals or render decisions regarding selection or dismissal of students, the office does investigate complaints involving a chapter’s noncompliance with the NJHS National Constitution and/or policies of NJHS. The national office has established official guidelines for handling complaints from parents or other interested parties regarding the activities of active NJHS member chapters.

Step 1: Contact your chapter adviser and principal.
The first step to filing a complaint with the NJHS national office is to raise your concerns regarding the violations with the chapter adviser and the principal of the school. The national office will only pursue matters on your behalf if proof of this initial contact is provided, and the school has had an opportunity to address the issue.

Step 2: Review the NJHS complaint process FAQ.
Before you begin the complaint process, please visit the NJHS complaint process FAQ page to make sure that filing a formal complaint is the right action for you to take and you are familiar with the procedures and possible outcomes that may result.

Step 3: Submit a completed NJHS complaint with supporting documents.
To ensure a thorough review of your concerns, complete the official NJHS complaint form online and provide all required information. Updates regarding the status of a complaint will be sent via email. Complaints are reviewed within 20 business days of submission. Complaint resolution timeframes may vary.

Things to Keep in Mind

  • Please include copies of chapter bylaws, dismissal and selection procedures, and any other relevant correspondence with the school. Bylaws are typically provided to NJHS members by the chapter adviser or school principal. Chapters are required to publish their selection procedures, and provide dismissal information upon request. If these documents do not exist or the chapter is unwilling or unable to provide them, please note this in your complaint submission.
  • Please do not embellish or otherwise misrepresent actions of the chapter, and avoid including any unfounded allegations or rumors in your correspondence.
  • Please do not include academic records, medical records, recommendations, legal documents, or other privileged information. All complaints and supporting documents become the property of NJHS and cannot be returned.

Complete the Complaint Form Online

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