Selecting an Adviser

The NJHS chapter adviser is the primary facilitator of all chapter activities and is a key factor in determining a chapter’s success. Appointing a capable, dedicated individual for the job is one of the principal’s most important NJHS-related responsibilities.

Chapter advisers are appointed yearly, must be members of the school faculty, and may be reappointed to serve additional terms.

Here is a list of chapter adviser functions to assist you in your selection process.

Chapter advisers:

  • Supervise all functions of the Honor Society chapter on campus, including selection and induction of new members, completion of an annual chapter service project, and discipline/dismissal procedures
  • Serve as liaisons to the faculty, administration, student body, and community regarding matters related to the Honor Society
  • Maintain files for chapters, including membership records, chapter history, activities, selection procedures, membership obligation guidelines, chapter bylaws, and financial transactions
  • Review active chapter members on a regular basis for compliance with Honor Society standards and obligations
  • Work with chapter officers to assist them in their duties
  • Serve as a facilitator in a nonvoting capacity for all meetings of the faculty council
  • Meet with the school administration regularly to inform them about and provide opportunities to evaluate chapter activities
  • Review all chapter documents to ensure that the policies and procedures of the chapter are in compliance with the National Constitution and the NJHS Handbook
  • Complete an annual survey reporting on the chapter’s activities for the year to the national office
  • Assist principals in renewing affiliation with the national office each spring

Principals have the option to appoint multiple advisers; however, one individual should be appointed as the primary adviser for the entire chapter’s account. The primary adviser can manage all online features, including billing, and can add or remove advisers.

There are some matters that are not the duties of advisers, which fall under the specific domain of the faculty council. For example, chapter advisers do not:

  • Remove candidates from consideration for selection
  • Dismiss members
  • Hear appeals for nonselection or dismissal
  • Amend chapter bylaws, raise/lower GPA standards, or determine the amount of dues required by members



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