Honor Society Update

The latest in our leadership development offerings—the “Leadership Is…” Webinar Series—allows students to explore leadership and identify their unique strengths. Each webinar includes creative exercises to foster self-reflection, share ideas, and promote growth. Share the full on-demand series with your students, and use the accompanying worksheets to prompt group discussions at your next meeting!

Leadership Is… Freedom

Identify, research, engage, and share ideas that can improve quality of life for all people. Students can use critical thinking and creativity to identify how they are already positively impacting the culture of leadership, and then discuss how they can leverage their unique gifts to transform passion into action.

Leadership Is… Caring

“How can I be of service?” is one of the most important questions a leader can ask. True leadership is about lifting others up and helping people reach their greatest potential. Learn the importance of charitable work, the power of caring for others, and how students can begin to cultivate these attributes in their own communities.

Leadership Is… Mobilization

Successful leaders have been able to motivate and mobilize communities to rally behind their particular causes and issues. While this often seems like a magical quality, the art of mobilizing groups of people is a distinct skillset that can be learned. Discuss the characteristics necessary to be a successful leader, as well as causes that resonate with young people.

Leadership Is… Honesty

Honesty is an important leadership characteristic—but what does honesty really mean in relationships with family, peers, and communities? Engage in discussions about how honesty relates to trust and its role in successful leadership. Encourage students to take a good look in the mirror at themselves, particularly at the ways they display integrity and inspire others to demonstrate honesty.

Leadership Is… Taking Responsibility

Language can be used to bring people closer together or drive them further apart. Students discuss personal responsibility for the words they use and explore communication styles that build trust and inspiration. Learn how to communicate assertively and nonjudgmentally in order to strengthen connections with others and lead more effectively.

Leadership Is… Seasonal

One of the subtler qualities of a good leader is discernment, or the ability to accurately perceive a situation and act accordingly. While it can be tempting to constantly move forward, embracing a community norm of “step up and step back” helps create an environment that values voice, growth, and empowerment. Discuss how agile leaders are able to assess situations and adapt to meet the needs of the group.

Leadership Is… Citizenship

If a good leader must be willing to do more than what is expected, what qualities are needed and what actions should be taken? This session focuses on the qualities of character and types of action that define leaders. What does it mean to be a good citizen, and what are some situations in which leaders are asked to exceed those standards?

Explore how your students can impact the culture of leadership. Find the entire series at www.nhs.us/students/leadership-is-webinar-series and www.njhs.us/students/leadership-is-webinar-series. —

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