How NJHS Benefits Your School

NJHS encourages student achievement

As a school leader, one of your primary concerns likely is to promote positive school climate and provide opportunities to motivate all students to reach their greatest potential in school and in life. You also have a responsibility to ensure your students are college and career ready.

The National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) accomplishes this like no other program. Through NJHS, you can recognize your highest achieving students in grades 6–8 with a unique experience that provides a springboard to life. NJHS offers:

Watch and learn how NJHS will make a difference for your students … and your school!

NJHS serves your community

With an NJHS chapter, your school has an opportunity to strengthen its reputation in the community. Honor Society students become outstanding ambassadors for your school and undertake meaningful community service projects. Based on reporting by affiliated schools, in recent years Honor Society chapters individually have contributed on average 1,161 hours to school and community service; $26,000 in charitable donations; and 1,100 pounds of food to local, state, and national causes. Service projects often become life-changing experiences for members who discover new passions and callings.

NJHS supports your faculty and student members

NJHS chapters receive exclusive access to leadership training programs, publications, and online resources. In addition to support from the national office, every NJHS chapter receives:

  • Our national magazine, Advise, filled with content written specifically for student program advisers to provide support and inspiration
  • The ability to purchase official NJHS merchandise in our store
  • Exclusive access to nomination materials for the NJHS Outstanding Achievement Award
  • Recognition opportunities for both student programs and outstanding advisers
  • A monthly e-newsletter, Honor Society News
  • Access to member-only areas of this website, including the Adviser Resource Center featuring chapter management tools and resources
  • Discounts on programs and conferences, including LEAD Conferences
  • Access to our comprehensive National Junior Honor Society Handbook, containing chapter management essentials

NJHS brings a tradition of excellence to your school

There is only one National Junior Honor Society. NJHS has been recognizing outstanding student achievement since 1929. Starting an NJHS chapter at your school is the perfect way to establish a tested framework for promoting the ideals of scholarship, service, leadership, character, and citizenship.

NJHS membership is a distinction that holds significance throughout a student’s academic life—and beyond.

Ready to start a chapter?

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